The USMNT Enters Their Jerry Springer Era


Alright, let’s see if we can get this straight.

Gregg Berhalter, seemingly former USMNT manager, did not play Gio Reyna during the World Cup. Pretty widely agreed this would have been helpful for the boys we were all rooting for last month.

Claudio Reyna, Gio Reyna’s father and member of three USMNT World Cup teams, was not happy about his son’s lack of playing time.

Turns out he was so pissed about it, that he leaked information about a 30-year old domestic dispute about Berhalter, who was also his former teammate on the USMNT.

Do we have that right?

This is not new in soccer. There have been examples on top of examples of organizational infighting within this sport all around the world.

Still though, it’s a gross subject matter, and it sucks that this is now the story surrounding the USMNT only a few weeks after what was widely seen as a positive World Cup result.

Once again, every time the world’s number one game has momentum to gain traction in the US, it seems like some goofy shit like this happens and loses all steam.

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