The Aughts Hot or Not – Lil Wayne “Let the Beat Build”

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The world changed for the better 13 years ago today. On June 10, 2008, “Tha Carter III” was released. Lil Wayne was at his absolute peak, and was the hottest thing going in Summer ’08. When TCIII came out, he went to a whole new level.

This album was packed front to back with bangers. Of course, “Lollipop” was and still is one of the most commercially popular hip hop songs of all time; but Weezy F didn’t just stop there. He also gave us Mr. Carter,” “A Milli,” “Comfortable,” “Phone Home,” and “Shoot Me Down” all on one masterpiece album. He didn’t have to go that hard for us…but he did.

However, all of the above-mentioned songs, which unequivocally slap, pale in comparison to what I believe is not only the best song on TCIII…but Lil Wayne’s best offering of all time.

That’s right, in this round of “The Aughts Hot or Not,” we’re reviewing the 2008 hit “Let the Beat Build.”

Music Video

As we’ve done in past AHN’s, the music video review is a vital part in our final rating.

In what may be one of the worst crimes in the history of music, “Let the Beat Build” was actually not released as a single, and thus, has no music video to review.

In case you resided under a rock in Summer ’08, here’s the link to get you up to speed on this gem. If you’re familiar with our subject today, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the song is NSFW.

Best Lyric

Believe that, like a true story
Rims big, make the car look like it’s two stories
If I hop out, that’d be suicide
No back seats, call that paralyze
I don’t have a spine, I don’t fantasize
I mastermind, then go after mine
You see I handle mine, I dismantle mine
I tote a tool box, bitch it’s hammer time

I mean, come on. Each line bleeding into the next without effort. The metaphors are perfect, rhyme scheme is flawless, just a stellar batch of lyrics that one would be hard pressed to find any fault.

Worst Lyric

That I am the best rapper alive
I am the best rapper alive
And I will eat you alive
Think I’m lyin’?

Fully aware that a very popular line throughout Lil Tunechi’s entire catalogue is some type of variant of being the best rapper alive; which was possibly true in the early aughts. However, just filling the entire bridge with this reocurring trope seemed a bit repetitive.


My entire Summer ’08 was pumping Lil Wayne’s Pandora streaming numbers. I can remember Natty Light case races with “Let the Beat Build” and the like as our soundtrack. This song was incredibly strong back then, and it still is now.

Rating: 10 Carson Daly’s

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Sunday State of Mind: May 31st-June 6th

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What a week it has been, and we’ve made it to the end. Sunday State of Mind is here to remind us how great it was.

Breaking NFL news, Julio to Tennessee
Henry, Brown, and Jones, a dominant big three
The Titans had to give up a bundle of draft picks
To improve their chances of getting to Super Bowl 56

Jacob DeGrom continues to simply be God status
His right arm should be ruled an illegal apparatus
Through nine starts this season, a 0.62 ERA
Mets should thank their lucky stars every fifth day

NBA Playoffs, first round is now done
Some tasty Western matchups, including Nuggets and the Suns
The Eastern Conference semis also do not suck
Sixers and the Hawks, Nets and the Bucks

Coach K, Bob Baffert, Brad Stevens: Who Will You Miss Most?

Enormous exodus day on Wednesday. All in a span of approximately six hours, three of the largest names in the coaching/training profession announced that their respective runs were coming to an end.

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who has lead the Blue Devils since 1980, announced next season would be his last. After Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit tested positive for performance enhancers, Churchill Downs suspended Bob Baffert, horse racing’s most notable name, from entering any races at their track for two years. Lastly, and potentially most surprising, the Boston Celtics announced Brad Stevens would be leaving the bench as head coach and moving to the executive suite as their new Head of Basketball Operations.

All three moves are surprising, some more than others. These three are at the very top of their professions. Any time one of these names are the subject of movement it would be a big deal. We got all three in one day.

But one question remains: who will you miss most?

The thought of a Coach K farewell tour honestly makes me ill. Not to take away from five national championships, 12 Final Fours, and three Naismisth Coach of the Year awards…but can we all agree that the guy is a little full on himself? Like the time he (while on medical leave) brought his team to his house to rip them, or lecturing opposing players in the handshake line after a game, or answering student reports with max smarm and condescension.

What about Bob Baffert? Surely can’t take away from his impeccable resume; seven Kentucky Derby winners, same number of W’s at The Preakness, three victories at the Belmont Stakes, and most importantly two Triple Crowns. CNN does a great job outlining his shady history here, same with SI here, and Horse Racing Planet here. TLDR; the guy always seems to find himself in trouble.

Now Brad Stevens…this is a different story. Widely appreciated as a top basketball mind, Stevens will take on the new challenge of putting the team together off the court instead of coaching them on it. He’s had a pretty high level of success at both the collegiate level as well as the NBA. He made a Final Four/NCAA Championship game with Butler (yes, Butler), and made the playoffs in seven of eight seasons in Boston, three of those years making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. The guy doesn’t even have a “Controversy” section in his Wikipedia page for God’s sake, he’s clean as a whistle.

This seems like a pretty clear cut decision here. Coach K and Bob Baffert can kick rocks, they can both take their weird old guy hair (I’m just bald/jealous) and get the hell out of sport fans’ lives. But Brad Stevens…sweet, innocent, nerdy Brad Stevens…we will all miss you. Even though you’ll still be around, you’ll be behind the scenes, and not trolling the sidelines with a pocket protector and suspenders. We hope that this new position absolutely blows up in your face and you decide to get back on the court and in front of the camera soon, you sweet, baby-faced little scoundrel.

Sunday State of Mind: May 24th-May 30th

It’s a holiday weekend, and we’re here with a wrap up of what happened in sports this week with Sunday State of Mind.

The biggest story far and wide, the rivalry continues to grow
Brooks Koepka went viral with disdain for Bryson DeChambeau
Most golf fans would agree with Brooks, Bryson’s a bit of a tool
No surprise Tom Brady came in, and continued his Twitter Rule

Another weird moment this week, in the story of Julio Jones
When speaking with Shannon Sharpe, “didn’t know” he was on the phone
Either way it seems to be the end of Julio in the A
His relationship with the Falcons continues to decay

The NBA playoffs just keep chugging along
The Sixers, Hawks, and Nets are all looking strong
The Cinderella Knicks might be ending their run soon
Only seemed a few weeks ago they were going to the moon

Who Wore it Best? 69-60

Photo: Dr. Odd

Guess who’s back? Our “Who Wore It Best” series, that’s who. We last checked in on who wore numbers 79-70 best, now we dive into the 60’s.

69 – Jared Allen

Photo: Celebrity Net Worth

Not a huge field of choices here, but a nice selection. Jared Allen played for the Chiefs, Vikings, Bears, and Panthers during an above-average 11 year NFL career. He made First Team All-Pro four times, lead the NFL twice in sacks, and made five Pro Bowls.

Honorable Mention: N/A

68 – Jaromir Jagr

Photo: CBS Sports

The flow is enough to be included on our list. That head lettuce is a thing of beauty. Jagr wasn’t half bad in his 24 seasons in professional hockey either: most career game winning goals (135), five Art Ross trophies, and two Stanley Cups.

Honorable Mention: Will Shields

67 – Francisco Córdova

Photo: Rum Bunter

Remember this guy? Cordova gets the nod for pitching nine innings in a what ended up being a 10 inning no hitter for the Pirates against the Astros on June 12, 1997.

Honorable Mention: N/A

66 – Mario Lemieux

Surprisingly strong category here at 66. Lemieux takes it home as one of the best hockey players to ever do it. In fact, Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky are the only two players who occupy the list of top ten seasons for points and assists in a season. Pretty impressive company to keep.

Honorable Mentions: Ray Nitschke, Yasiel Puig

65 – James Paxton

Paxton may very well end up being the youngest athlete to make our list. However, “Big Maple” has earned his spot at 65 for recording a no-hitter for the Mariners in 2018.

Honorable Mention: Erik Karlsson

64 – Randall McDaniel

Photo: eBid

McDaniel was a stalwart offensive guard for 13 seasons, mostly with the Vikings. McDaniel started 220 of his career 222 games, made 12 Pro Bowls, and is a member of NFL 100th Anniversary All-Time Team.

Honorable Mention: N/A

63 – Gene Upshaw

Another hard nosed, badass, old school NFL lineman. Upshaw played 14 years for the Raiders, scooping up three First Team All-Pro selections, five Second Team All-Pro selections, and two Super Bowl rings.

Honorable Mention: Brad Marchand

62 – Jim Langer

Jim Langer was the center for the only undefeated team in NFL history, the 1972 Dolphins. Langer won two Super Bowls and was a three time First Team All-Pro.

Honorable Mention: N/A

61 – Liván Hernández

Who else loved this absolute unit growing up? His career numbers aren’t stellar, but anyone who can hang around the majors for 17 seasons is impressive. Hernandez is a two time All-Star who won a ring as well as World Series MVP honors with the Marlins in 1997.

Honorable Mention: Rick Nash

60 – Dallas Keuchel

Not a lot of meat on the 60 bone, but a fine choice here. Keuchel has established himself as one of the steadiest pitchers in baseball since entering the bigs with the Astros in 2012. He has won four Gold Gloves, the 2015 Cy Young, and a World Series ring in 2017.

Honorable Mention: N/A

Another edition of “Who Wore It Best,” done and dusted. Nice representative spread in the the 60’s for football, hockey, and baseball. Total choke job from basketball here; maybe we’ll see some stronger effort in the 50’s?

Sunday State of Mind: May 17th-May 23rd

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An absolute smorgasbord of sports this week. We review in this week’s SSM.

Everybody in the world loves Phil Mickelson
He won the PGA Championship, big consensus grin
Phil set the all-time record as the oldest major champ
The old man held up all weekend, no broken bones or cramps

The NBA Playoffs are off and running, a sight you love to see
The Association’s yearly tournament to award the Larry O’Brien Trophy
The regular season and play in games are finally behind us
We’re all going to sit on the couch and watch basketball, don’t mind us

More playoff action over at the NHL
For the Avs, Knights, Bruins, and Lightning, things are going well
The Oilers are in trouble, same with the Panthers, Blues and Caps
Playoff hockey is the best, no chance of boring gaps

We have our latest entry in strange baseball injuries
Kevin Kiermaier hurt by an eyelash, this one’s history
This one’s pretty funny, Rays are probably saying “oh geez”
Still not as bad Sammy Sosa’s back injury via sneeze

It Is Our Birthday

Massive news in the sports media landscape today. On May 18, 2020, Untimed Down Sports made its raucous debut and arguably changed the blog game forever. UDS put the entire internet on notice by starting a sports & entertainment blog when there literally were no sports happening. A new sheriff was in town, and things were never the same.

A look back on how we got started seemed appropriate on such a celebratory day.

We started off with a flurry of blogs hotter than 1,000 suns; an introduction of who we are, hot takes on Russell Wilson and breakfast, and a love letter to The Last Dance.

We were off and running after that, presenting our weekly wrap up of the week that was in sports with Sunday State of Mind, as well as reoccurring series’ of The Aughts Hot or Not and Who Wore It Best.

It was all gas and no brakes at that point, an no one was safe. Especially not Friends, shoe tying practices, and cults. We showed love to those who deserved it, including Joe Kelly, the NBA Dunk Contest, Odell Beckham Jr., and Tyrod Taylor. All of that, and so much more made what was a shitty year just a bit more tolerable.

Over 100 blogs posted, a few Twitter trolls retweeted, and still learning how to run a damn website; but we’re just getting started.

We truly appreciate our growing social media following and expanding page view numbers. So keep rocking with us, and we’ll keep trying our best to give you a reason to do so.

Thank you!

Sunday State of Mind: May 10th-May 16th

Photo: IUCN

A great week of sports is coming to an end. We reminisce in this week’s SSM.

The Aaron Rodgers saga continues to drag
Waiting for someone to waive the white flag
The Packers keep adding new quarterbacks
This is one high stakes game of QB blackjack

A short unemployment for Albert Pujols
He signed with the Dodgers, shut down the trolls
Will he be a great role player the defending champs want?
A huge pool of talent, the Dodgers can flaunt

The Basketball Hall added branches to their tree
Highlighted by Kobe, Tim Duncan, and KG
The 2021 members have also been named
Another stellar group joining the Naismith Hall of Fame

He Has Risen

Brothers and sisters, can I get an amen?!

News broke Monday that the Jacksonville Jaguars are planning on signing Tim Tebow.

The Philippine-born former quarterback will once again take his talents to the NFL. The connection here, as noted by Ian Rapoport, is that the recently retired minor league baseball player’s college coach, noted jagoff Urban Meyer, is now running the show in Jacksonville.

Our prayers have been answered. Praise be to the higher power bringing Tim Tebow back into the professional sports galaxy for what will either be his sixteenth or seventeenth chance. We will all once again be baptized by Tebow-mania and blessed by sports debate shows arguing if Tebow can perform the miracle of transitioning from a quarterback to a tight end.

The football world has gone celibate of Tim Tebow for far too long; and that chastity belt is about to be busted wide open. Fans everywhere have kept the faith, for over 3,000 days, that one day our angel would descend from the clouds, throw on his shoulder pads, and once again be reincarnated as a professional football player.

It is going to be a sight to see every palm Sunday in Jacksonville this season. With Tebow’s career resurrected, every day feels like the sabbath once again. We as football fans can finally rest, part the sea of pillows on the couch, and tune into some Jacksonville Jaguars football.

This must be what heaven feels like.

Sunday State of Mind: May 3rd-May 9th

Happy Mother’s Day! If you forgot to get your Mom anything, read her some poetry, which you can find below in this week’s SSM.

Bradley Beal dropped 50 on Indiana
Didn’t need OT, game was bananas
Wizards a shocking playoff team
Getting hot at the right time, gaining steam

In the very same game, another triple double
For Russell Westbrook, dude is trouble
For anyone trying to shut him down
He makes defenders look like clowns

Another big scorer, the man Steph Curry
Forty-nine Saturday, racked ’em up in a hurry
Put team on his back, and they won again
Excited for the NBA playoffs to begin