Sunday State of Mind: May 22nd-May 28th

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A special Memorial Day and Indy 500 edition of SSM is now live.

Eastern Conference Finals, what is going on?
Jimmy Butler and the Heat were all but good and gone
Lost the first three, won the rest, the series is tied
Whoever wins game seven, been a real fun ride

The rare football transaction, in the month of May
DeAndre Hopkins and the Cardinals will be parting ways
Three years in the desert, still some catches in those hands
Will be very interesting to see where he lands

As mentioned above, the Indy 500 was today
Josef Newgarden is the champ, will take home the pay
The 32 year old from Nashville is kissing the bricks
If he wins it five more times, his total would be six

HBO Max is Now Just Max and We Need Shorter Names Everywhere

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Big day in entertainment, as a ground breaking change in the streaming world commenced.

HBO Max is now Max…deal with it losers.

The old app is out, the new app is in. That’s right, we all have to download a completely new app, remember our passwords, and do the annoying thing where we have to type on the screen and it takes an hour to enter “Password123.”

As annoying as corporations taking over entertainment is, it’s unfortunately part of the game…there’s an entire writer’s strike raging right now because of this tom-foolery. There’s 1,000 things that happened that lead to this that you can read up on/we won’t rehash here, but the HBO Max to Max transition is just another atrocious incident we as customers have to deal with.

But this name change, as dumb and uncreative it is, got the wheels turning. What other names in sports and entertainment can CEO’s simultaneously shorten and ruin?

In the NFL, how about a name change for Michael Vick’s former employers to the Atlanta Cons? Could the new Monsters of the Midway could be the new Chicago Ears? What about Kirk Cousins becoming the quarterback for the Minnesota Kings?

The NBA is wrought for awful name changes as well. Ja Morant’s team could take on the role of the most untruthful team in the league with a rebranding to the Memphis Lies. Jimmy Butler and the boys could become food critics as the Miami Eat. Former number one pick Zion Williamson’s guys should take on the personality of most positive team as the New Orleans Cans.

If people hate the MLB’s new rules, they’d surely love these team name changes; Miguel Cabrera’s squad could keep the same idea of their mascot, but make an alteration to the Detroit Gers. The worst team in baseball that isn’t from Oakland could move south and become the Kansas City Yals. Finally, and most obviously, that cheater Carlos Correa and co. should really lose one letter and rename themselves the Minnesota Wins.

Honestly, we shouldn’t be publishing the blog. These ideas are so golden and should be used; but for some reason the NFL, NBA, and MLB won’t meet with us…their loss.


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Martin Scorsese decided to bless our Thursday with a trailer for his next film Killers of the Flower Moon.

DiCaprio, DeNiro, Gladstone, and Plemons. What else do you need?

Our greatest living director seems to have another banger on his hands in what has been a masterpiece of a career. But what are his best efforts?

I feel a ranking coming on…

5. TIE – Taxi Driver (1976) & Raging Bull (1980)

I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’ve seen these movies…but I want to sound cool and I’ve heard of them so they crack our top five.

Seems like the plot of both of these is that Robert DeNiro is a weirdo, but in different industries.

4. The Departed (2006)

Great movie, incredible cast, horrible accents.

Jack Nicholson and Martin Sheen’s Boston accents come and go more than abortion rights these days.

Again, incredible film but the ending with the rat on the ledge was so direct I got a headache.

3. Casino (1995)

Sam Rothstein and Nicky Santoro, what a couple of troublemakers.

DeNiro was the main character here, but Joe Pesci stole the show as Rothstein’s childhood friend who got a little big for his little britches.

Great bit characters as well, especially Don Rickles and Kevin Pollak.

2. Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

I think I blacked out just rereading the plot of this classic.

Another DiCaprio vehicle that included everything from quaaludes to the federal government…sometimes simultaneously.

1. Goodfellas (1990)

One of my favorites, if not my favorite, movie of all time.

Henry Hill, Jimmy Conway, and Tommy DeVito run the show in a chronic run of mafia moves.

Any other mob movie simply falls short.

The bottom line is, anything Marty (that’s what his friends call him) puts out is certified gold. I can only hope he and I live forever so he can keep cranking out incredible films. As we wrap up our celebration of Marty, as Paul Circeo once said…”and now I gotta turn my back on ya.”

Sunday State of Mind: May 8th-May 14th


This Mother’s Day, SSM stands for Sweet, Sweet Moms.

Conference Finals set, NBA winding down
Still a bunch of good games left, so we should not frown
Lakers and the Nuggets, Celtics and the Heat
Next round is the finals, East and West champs set to meet

Weird story in St. Louis, involves their big offseason signing
Moving around positions ’cause the team’s not really shining
Willson Contreras back and forth from the outfield
Cards have not been good so far, reasons seem concealed

This guy Ja Morant, can’t wrap my brain around it
Waving a gun around again, second wave of clown shit
So much for that interview, said he would be better
In dangerous Insta stories, this guy is the pacesetter

The NFL Went Banana Sandwich on This Schedule Release

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Those crazy bastards at NFL HQ have done it again.

The 2023 schedule release has been dropped, and there are some absolute bangers we’re in for next season.

After crunching the numbers and reviewing the entire history of NFL schedule releases, we are flabbergasted at how the NFL came up with some of these matchups.

Patriots vs. Jets – Week 3

I mean, holy shit. This is insane!

The New England Patriots and New York Jets. So much history between coaches, players, and regional hate.

Two franchises that have both had Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick as head coaches at one point in time.

The fact that those crazy fucks from the NFL came up with this matchup is borderline psychotic.

Ravens vs. Steelers – Week 5

You didn’t think the NFL would be this maniacal? You’re wrong, jabroni. These schedule makers are sadistic AF.

You really throw the record book out when these two teams get together. The fact that it happens so rarely makes it even better when we get this clash.

The uniform combos are pure, the defenses are always tough, and we are shook that we get to see these two light it up next year.

Cowboys vs. Eagles – Week 14

They can’t really get away with this, can they?

These NFL schedule makers are just going to schedule Bears/Packers and act like they just didn’t pull of a miracle?!

Both of these teams are loaded with talent. This matchup may just be decided by who’s fanbase can be more unbearable by the fourth quarter, when it counts.

Bears vs. Packers – Week 1

Light me on fire, slap me in the face, and throw me over a cliff, this matchup is deranged.

The Packers have had some serious playoff woes, coming off another first round exit last season.

In fact, Green Bay has lost nine postseason matchups since 2011 (the Bears losing only twice in that span), but this early season matchup may set the tone for both of these franchise’s 2023-2024 seasons.

At this point, the NFL schedule reveal is overwhelming. They’re just pounding us over the head with wackadoodle pairings that I’m not sure we as football fans deserve, nor will be able to handle. The NFL is king, and they proved it once again today.

Sunday State of Mind: May 1st-May 7th

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NBA Playoffs are raging, NFL court cases are blazing, MLB players are healing. All this and more in this week’s Sunday State of Mind.

Every series, NBA, looking pretty even
All eight teams remaining still have something to believe in
No 3-0 series leads, every team is on the board
The Larry O’Brien Trophy is what were looking toward

Bussin’ With The Boys? More like bringing law suit noise
Taylor Lewan is suing cause he’s no longer employed
Feel bad for the guy, his career may be cooked
Sounds like Dr. Andrews didn’t take a second look

Speaking of injuries, other side of the stick
Bryce Harper is back in a period quicker than quick
Less than six months post op, the big one Tommy John
Already mashin’ taters, hitting bombs just like a Don

An awkward time is over out in Baltimore
Lamar Jackson wanted his contract, and he finally scored
Two hundred sixty million, is what was settled on
Lamar returning now is a conclusion that’s foregone

We’re Calling Bullshit on the Memphis Grizzlies


The Memphis Grizzlies just announced that Dillon “The Villain” Brooks will not return to the team “under any circumstances.”

I mean…my God, dramatic much?

Unless you don’t watch the NBA or live on Mars, Brooks certainly had himself an April. After unconscionably shitting on LeBron James, subsequently getting shit on by LeBron in comedically quick fashion, and choosing the route of being a glass house coward and not facing the media, Brooks is out of a job.

It’s hard to remember an organization being so overt in announcing their roster decisions. We as a society of sports fans need to be better at holding our teams accountable.

With that in mind, can we really believe the Memphis Grizzlies wouldn’t bring back Brooks back under ANY circumstance?

If they really needed a big body who knew their system, and the free agency pool and trade market wasn’t flush with opportunities, you’re telling me the Grizz wouldn’t sign him? Hmmm…

What if NBA commissioner Adam Silver made a rule that every team needed a 6’6 Canadian who went to the University of Oregon on their roster? You’re telling me that’s a community flush with NBA talent that the Grizzlies could just pick one of the litter? I don’t know…

It feels like the world’s been on the brink of ending for the last five years or so, right? What if the entire universe crumbled, and all that was left was Memphis, Tennessee? They’ve got to fill that roster somehow, right? Sounds like Brooks would still be available to re-sign in that circumstance.

All I’m saying is…never say never. Dillon Brooks has spent his entire career with the Grizzlies up to this point. To not give this man a proper sendoff and publicly squashing any chance of a reunion just seems mean…also not 100% true.

Sunday State of Mind: April 24th-April 30th


The week has ended, the sports have sports’d. Sunday State of Mind is here to recap.

The champs are still alive, won another game seven
Steph and Klay both continue to be a gift from heaven
The Kings were fun all year, a young and good fun team
This won’t be the only year that they will light the beam

Some major big man pains, showing in round two
Joel Embiid, Julius Randle both have bad boo boos
Neither one will play in either of their game ones
When they both come back, will help their teams a ton

All the picks are in, the NFL has drafted
A slew of brand new rookies, rosters been recrafted
Only a few surprises, always some feel good stories
Will your team’s boom or bust? The two big categories

Hard to comprehend, a team with that much skill
A double digit losing streak, major fire drill
Something needs to change, think outside the box
A terrible beginning of the year for the White Sox

The Jets are Benching Tom Brady, Dan Marino, and Joe Montana Combined

Photo: New York Jets

It’s official, Zach Wilson has been replaced by Aaron Rodgers for the New York Jets’ foreseeable future.

What the hell are they doing?

According to Jets GM Joe Douglas, they’ve shot themselves in the foot by benching a guy who has the potential to be the greatest quarterback of all-time:

“I spoke to guys at the Combine, and Zach’s ceiling is unlimited. No one works harder, no one loves ball more than Zach Wilson.” Douglas told reporters Tuesday.

So, if we’re playing the logical game here, Douglas is telling us that Zach Wilson is the spawn of some insanely football-centric orgy that includes Tom Brady, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, and more.

This thing goes deep, pun intended. Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Roger Staubach were involved because we don’t age shame. Brett Favre, Michael Vick, and Ben Roethlisberger are the bad boys that brought some edge. Cam Newton, Kenny Stabler, and Johnny Manziel even dipped in to keep things weird and loosey-goosey.

All of these stalwarts of the most important position in sports came together to give birth to Zach Wilson, this all according to Joe Douglas. To deprive not only us as fans, but more importantly the rest of the Jets roster, from seeing this gunslinging unicorn is simply a travesty.

Douglas has admittedly done some great work putting together this roster. However, on one hand acknowledging that he has this unbridled creature sitting in his quarterback room at the Jets facility and on the other saying they’re not giving him the keys to the franchise is not only imbecilic, it’s downright irresponsible.

Sunday State of Mind: April 17th-April 23rd

Photo: UNEP

Unlike Ben Simmons…we’re not sitting this round out. SSM is live.

Bring out the brooms in Philly, Sixers roll the Nets
Beat Brooklyn on Friday to win the series in straight sets
Injuries and suspensions became the big headline
A first round series sweep is the perfect design

The hottest team in baseball, you will never guess
It’s usually a team who by this time’s always a mess
A team who’s name is usually followed by the word “sucks”
It’s the Pittsburgh Pirates, seven game win streak for the Bucs

We shouldn’t give it more attention than it really deserves
But all we have to say about Dillon Brooks is, THE NERVE
Tried to come at LeBron, was thoroughly embarrassed
A poorly failed attempt to gain some ground on The King’s terrace