Sunday State of Mind (SSM): June 22nd-June 28th

SSM is back in a big way this week. We are glad to be back serving up some shitty poetry about this week in sports.

So please, sit back, settle in, and enjoy this week’s SSM…

Just like the blog, baseball is back
We can’t believe our ears
There likely will not be any fans in stadiums
Still, a reason for plenty of beers

Our best American export Christian Pulisic
Beautiful I must say
Thriving in the EPL
Usually not done by someone from the ‘ol U-S of A

The Texas Rangers released, photos of Globe Life Park
It’s only fair to ask, did they build it in the dark?
It looks like a toolbox that I built in eighth grade metal shop class
An abuse on the eyes, the park is simply crass

Jay Cutler became 2020’s social media hero
Incredible response to an account who’s usage rate was close to zero
Documenting catching who’s eating his chickens, our dear, sweet Cutty
The guy is totally endearing, I wish he could be my buddy

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