Fantasy Sports are Back

Photo: ESPN

Opening Day is here, and baseball is officially back. More importantly, this means that fantasy baseball is back. Apologies to MLS, but I’m not sure how many of us are in fantasy soccer (fĂștbol) leagues. There’s also daily fantasy sports, FanDuel, DraftKings, etc. But I’m talking legit, season long fantasy sports.

I had my fantasy baseball draft last night and felt like a king. The push notification from the ESPN Fantasy app informing me that the draft room was open was enough to make my week. Getting into the draft room, seeing I was randomly given the seventh overall pick (what up Francisco Lindor), and hopping on a draft Zoom with the boys was a stellar way to spend my Wednesday evening.

For the few of you out there who haven’t yet dipped the proverbial toe into the fantasy sports water, there are some things to know about participating in a league, whether it be football, baseball, basketball, or hockey. Now, I’ve only ever participated in football and baseball, so I’m focusing my experience and thoughts on those two.

Maximum Number of Leagues: Two

This one might be a bit of a hot take. I know plenty of people who regularly throw themselves into three leagues, which to me is still too much. This point is geared towards all of you nut jobs who are in five, six, SEVEN leagues. How the hell do you do it?!

One of the worst things being in TWO leagues is when I check my matchups, and find out I’m going against one of my starters in my other league. If I’m going in depending on a minimum 15 points from Julio Jones in League A, then flip over to my matchup in League B and see he’s going against me, what’s the thought process? Do I just root for a decent game, and not for my guy to go off and get me 30 points? Total mess.

This example is only dealing with two leagues. How tough does that math get when you have Julio in three leagues, but are going against him in two? I get a headache even thinking about it. That’s why holding yourself to two leagues is your best play.

Pay Your Damn League Fees

Don’t be this person. You know who I’m talking about. The person in your league who, despite being asked upwards of 17 times, just keeps forgetting to send in those pesky fees to throw into the pot for the season. No matter how many times you ask or how many reminders are sent, “Oh yeah my bad, I’ll get it over,” always seems to end in a $0 balance in your Venmo account.

If there was a Venn diagram of people who don’t pay their league fees and who finish last every year, it would be a one perfect circle. This is the same person who doesn’t know the difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re.” The person who doesn’t pay their league fees are the worst. Don’t, just…don’t.

When You Win Your League, Own It

Once the dust settles, and you end up on top of your league (something I’ve only experienced once in however many years I’ve played), you have to let it be known. Throw a picture of your trophy on Instagram, Tweet that bad boy, make a Facebook status…the whole nine yards. Make sure you tag all of your fellow league members as well.

If you’re playing for money, even better. Flaunt that recently acquired windfall and go out and pick yourself up something nice. Don’t be afraid to Snapchat yourself making that big purchase with all of your fellow league member’s hard earned money. This is one area in which public shaming is completely acceptable.

I think we’re all happy to see sports, and by extension, fantasy sports officially back with the start of baseball tonight. I personally cannot wait to see how the 60-game baseball season unfolds. I hope everyone is feeling good about their drafts and have a great fantasy baseball season…besides the nine other dudes in my league.

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