A Giant Mistake: Carlos Correa Flips to Mets

Photo: Sports Illustrated

More like Car-NOs Correa, amirite?

Weird news broke Tuesday night that Carlos Correa’s introductory press conference with the San Francisco Giants was being delayed due to a “medical issue.”

When we all woke up Wednesday morning, his 13 year, $350 million dollar Giants contract was ripped up and he had already signed a new 12 year, $315 million dollar deal with the Mets.

This is actually great news for the Giants, getting this kind of money off the books to stay in the mix in free agency.

“Now, don’t spend it all in on place.” said Grandmas everywhere.

Forget about Correa, Xander Bogaerts, Trea Turner or Dansby Swanson. According to Spotrac, The Giants will have the flexibility to go after the real big fish that have yet to be signed.

How about hometown heroes Brandon Belt and Evan Longoria? That doesn’t sooth your appetite, Giants fans? How does Nelson Cruz, Jean Segura, or AJ Pollock sound to fill your Carlos Correa sized hole in your heart? No? Well surely Adam Duvall, Jurickson Profar, or Jackie Bradley Jr. would do the trick…right?

If none of those tempting names do it for you, patience is a virtue. The 2024 free agent class is simply busting with talent: Kyle Hendricks, Joey Gallo, and Jonathan Schoop just to name a few. All better than Carlos Correa.

Don’t fret, Giants fans…this is definitely not an all-time bad mishap that will set you back years and maybe decades.

Sunday State of Mind: December 12th-December 18th

Photo: Forbes

Our first SSM in a world that has Lionel Messi atop the World Cup throne. But what else happened this week?

Craziest win of the football season
Patriots lateral for some reason
Right to the Raiders, a strange outcome
Poor Jakobi Meyers just has to feel numb

Another weird one, Cowboys and the Jags
One that Big D thought they had in the bag
An OT pick six thrown by Dak Prescott
A win was for sale, and Jacksonville bought

MLB free agent shortstops are set
The group of big four, money they did get
Turner, Bogaerts, Correa and Swanson
Enough contracts, can offseason be done?

Frank Gore Jr. still might be running
A LendingTree Bowl performance that was stunning
A cool three hundred and twenty-nine yards
Senior must be proud, his boy is a star

Sunday State of Mind: December 5th-December 11th

Photo: Toppr

If your job was to be a good sports fan, you’d be great at your work. But we can’t keep up with everything right? Don’t fret, SSM is here.

Big matchup in NoCal, Niners and the Bucs
Late round QB matchup that was not deluxe
Brock Purdy and Tom Brady, six and seventh rounders
Niners blew them out, Bucs continue to flounder

You can say this sentence now: the Lions are good
Won five of their last six, winning games they should
Also ones they shouldn’t, beat the big bad Vikings
Sent Kirk Cousins and his not great roster hiking

MLB free agency, most big names are signed
Billions worth of contracts, pockets have been lined
Carlos Correa is the last big name to sign a deal
Going to be a huge contract, teams will have to kneel

A Philly 50 burger, for Joel Embiid
Singlehandedly made the Charlotte Hornets bleed
Twenty nine for Scary Terry, Kelly Oubre too
Not nearly enough for what the Hornets tried to do

Willson Contreras Joins a Not So Exclusive Club

The MLB Hot Stove is Hot Stovin’!

On the heels of Aaron Judge signing his mega deal with the Yankees, Willson Contreras signed with the St. Louis Cardinals on a four year, $87 million dollar deal. One of the last remaining members from the 2016 World Series team now will take over for Yadi Molina in St. Louis for the rival Cardinals.

The best rivalry in baseball (Yankees/Red Sox, Dodgers/Giants can suck it) has a surprisingly long history of players playing for both sides. Per Baseball Reference, there have been 324(!) players to don both the North Side pinstripes and red bird logos.

With this in mind, we get to play one of our favorite games…nostalgia. We all know the Jason Heywards and John Lackeys of the world. We live in the muck, the lesser known names that worked both sides of this double edge sword.

Here’s our favorites.

  • Lou Brock: Cubs 1961-1964, Cardinals 1964-1969
  • Miguel Cairo: Cubs 1997-2011, Cardinals 2001-2007
  • Cupid Childs: Cardinals 1899, Cubs 1900-1901
  • Mark DeRosa: Cubs 2007-2008, Cardinals 2009
  • Delino DeShields: Cardinals 1997-1998, Cubs 2001-2002
  • Dennis Eckersley: Cubs 1984-1986, Cardinals 1996-1997
  • Jim Edmonds: Cardinals 2000-2007, Cubs 2008
  • Joe Girardi: Cubs 1989-2002, Cardinals 2003
  • Mark Grudzielanek: Cubs 2003-2004, Cardinals 2005
  • Cesar Izturis: Cubs 2006-2007, Cardinals 2008
  • Jamie Moyer: Cubs 1986-1988, Cardinals 1991
  • Rick Sutcliffe: Cubs 1984-1991, Cardinals 1994
  • So Taguchi: Cardinals 2002-2007, Cubs 2009
  • Ryan Theriot: Cubs 2005-2010, Cardinals 2011
  • Todd Zeile: Cardinals 1989-1995, Cubs 1995

Look at those names! Where else in sports media are you going to get a discussion including Cupid Childs and So Taguchi? Nowhere, that’s where.

Sunday State of Mind: November 28th-December 4th

Photo: Wallpaper Access

Folks, we did it again. Another week in the books and more sports than we could handle. Our latest SSM is here to review it all.

College football playoff, final four is set
Ohio State and Georgia, could we see an upset?
Other side of the bracket, Michigan vs. TCU
Sad we only have three more college games to go through

Potential Super Bowl preview, a game all wanted
Dolphins and 49ers, two teams deep bonded
It wasn’t meant to be, you see, game just fell quite short
Both QBs ended up the injury report

Jacob deGrom, your newest Texas Ranger
AL West hitters are about to be in danger
Big hit for the Mets, another big arm gone
Had so many off years, Mets fans want to stay on

Jose Alvarado! We don’t know him either
Thirty eight on Sunday, didn’t take a breather
Undrafted to bucket getter, a great sports story
Pelicans are basking in some rarely found glory

Sunday State of Mind: October 31st-November 6th

Photo: Wallpaper Access

We had the last sports equinox of the year this week. That and more in our latest SSM.

World Series is over, new kings have been crowned
Astros win another one, and are parade bound
No trash can drama this time, at least no rumors yet
If you were to wager though, might not be a bad bet

Some major programs going down in college football
Alabama lost again, Tennessee also did fall
Clemson also lost to an unranked Notre Dame
This part of the football season never comes up lame

We got vintage Tom Brady against the LA Rams
Still trying to beat the notion that the Bucs are shams
Come back win, fourth quarter drive, TB played the right cards
Also became the first QB with 100k yards

Other end of the spectrum, one guy just getting started
Justin Fields running the ball at a level uncharted
Broke the rushing record for a QB in a game
One hundred seventy-eight yards, left the field aflame

The biggest story of the week, what else can we say
The Nets made the right move by keeping Kyrie at bay
Terrible post, terrible week, he doesn’t seem to care
The constant act this guy gives us is starting to wear

Sunday State of Mind: October 17th-October 23rd

Another week where sports just unmercifully punched us in the face…and we liked it. Let’s review the pounding with prose in this week’s SSM.

Your NL pennant winners, those pesky Fightin’ Phils!
Took the Padres out, this team is full of thrills
Harper, Schwarber, Wheeler, the list goes on and on
If they play the Astros, series won’t be a yawn

Something rare happened this week, an NFL trade
Niners’ Christian McCaffrey, Frisco not afraid
Made his debut today, got a few plays in
Chiefs came to The Bay however, got themselves the win

Speaking of the Panthers, took it to the Bucs?
Hard to say but it seems like Tampa Bay just sucks
Lot of season left for TB and the boys
Don’t be shocked if they come back and make postseason noise

The NBA is back, first games have come and gone
Just another sport this time of year loves to add on
Some early surprises, Sixers and the Lakers blank
The Jazz keep winning even though they’re clearly trying to tank

Sunday State of Mind: October 10th-October 16th

This week in sports has been absolutely banana sandwich. SSM is here to relive it all.

Alabama/Tennessee, singing Rocky Top
Volunteer offense was rolling, and refused to stop
Hendon Hooker and the boys put up 52
Bama defense, usually good, but last night they blew

Playoff baseball heating up, and upsets galore
Dodgers out, Braves out, who surprised you more?
NLCS matchup of the Padres and the Phillies
Yes you read that matchup right, no not joking, really

Over in the AL, Astros wrecked the M’s
A 3-0 series sweep, Houston played a gem
Guardians and Yankees play to see who gets the ‘stros
Yankees ahead at time of writing, can the bombers close?

We have to ask the question: are the Jets for real?
Went on the road and got a dub down at Lambeau Field
Impressive for a young team, tough place to play for sure
And against Aaron Rodgers, a win they procure

Sunday State of Mind: October 3rd-October 9th

There’s a fall chill in the air, which means playoff baseball and midseason football. All of that and more in this week’s SSM.

A big win out in London, New York beat Green Bay
The New York Football Giants, feeling some type of way
Starting the season 4-1, football’s biggest surprise
Lamar Jackson comes in next week, they may just get baptized

Speaking of baptisms, Jets dunked on the ‘Fins
Miami started 3-1, left with the same amount of wins
Jets have won two straight, sit a game behind the Bills
New York’s cold dead football hearts may be getting filled

Even without their quarterback, ‘bama is the best
Beat Texas A&M, could probably beat the rest
Of the country’s teams, Saban is just that good
The best to ever do it, that is understood

A team worthy of mention, your Kansas Jayhawks
Dream start to the season, some undefeated talks
Hung tough with TCU, but just fell short by seven
Even with a loss, Kansas football fans in heaven

As mentioned in our opening, playoff baseball is here
MLB Wild Card weekend, get your hot dogs and beer
Three game sets were over quick, Cleveland Seattle Philly
Having so much sports at once is absolutely silly

Sunday State of Mind: September 19th-September 25th

Save for a few more games, the sports have completed their sportsing this weekend. Let’s look back together at all the happenings in this week’s SSM.

The Albert Pujols show, big episode this week
Joined the 700 club, not bad for an antique
He did it in style, two bombs out in LA
The Yankees home run record keeping Aaron Judge at bay

Tough week in Miami, The U indeed not back
MTSU came to town, Hurricanes blue and black
First year, new coach for the ‘canes, so this isn’t the end
Another upset like this though, things may just start to bend

TB12 and A-Rod, who’s your favorite old QB
On field goat debate, what a thing to see
Could not care less who won the game, what matters to us most
Was how the hell did a bee swarm end up on the goal post?

Colts and the Chiefs, thought this would be easy
By the end of the game Kansas City fans were queasy
Big upset for Indy, Matt Ryan won a big one
Tough loss for the Chiefs, Andy Reid had no fun