Drawing Up Our USA/Wales World Cup Recap Blog

Photo: New York Times

Well, that was…something.

After jumping out to an early lead by way of a 36th minute goal by Timothy Weah, the US Men’s National Team and seemingly every fan on Twitter thought they were on their way; not only to an easy win over Wales, but the entire World Cup.

A flurry of yellow cards and a bad decisions later, Gareth Bale put a bulge in the onion bag in the 82nd minute via penalty kick that sent the US and Wales into draw territory, giving each side a point in Group B.

Phew. We have fully flexed our soccer muscles and knowledge. Did that sound convincing?

No matter the result, (which this wasn’t a terrible one, wasn’t a great one), the World Cup is awesome and we’re happy the USMNT is back as a part of it.

Now everyone rest up, get some water, and eat your orange peels…we’ve got a Revolutionary War rematch on Friday.

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