Sunday State of Mind: December 12th-December 18th

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Our first SSM in a world that has Lionel Messi atop the World Cup throne. But what else happened this week?

Craziest win of the football season
Patriots lateral for some reason
Right to the Raiders, a strange outcome
Poor Jakobi Meyers just has to feel numb

Another weird one, Cowboys and the Jags
One that Big D thought they had in the bag
An OT pick six thrown by Dak Prescott
A win was for sale, and Jacksonville bought

MLB free agent shortstops are set
The group of big four, money they did get
Turner, Bogaerts, Correa and Swanson
Enough contracts, can offseason be done?

Frank Gore Jr. still might be running
A LendingTree Bowl performance that was stunning
A cool three hundred and twenty-nine yards
Senior must be proud, his boy is a star

Drawing Up Our USA/Wales World Cup Recap Blog

Photo: New York Times

Well, that was…something.

After jumping out to an early lead by way of a 36th minute goal by Timothy Weah, the US Men’s National Team and seemingly every fan on Twitter thought they were on their way; not only to an easy win over Wales, but the entire World Cup.

A flurry of yellow cards and a bad decisions later, Gareth Bale put a bulge in the onion bag in the 82nd minute via penalty kick that sent the US and Wales into draw territory, giving each side a point in Group B.

Phew. We have fully flexed our soccer muscles and knowledge. Did that sound convincing?

No matter the result, (which this wasn’t a terrible one, wasn’t a great one), the World Cup is awesome and we’re happy the USMNT is back as a part of it.

Now everyone rest up, get some water, and eat your orange peels…we’ve got a Revolutionary War rematch on Friday.

Sunday State of Mind: November 14th-November 20th

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It’s a cold hard fact that the sports week is coming to an end. We review in this week’s SSM.

Let’s start with the world’s game, AKA jogo bonito
The World Cup is finally back, a fact you cannot veto
Always great to see the best footballers, smooth like butter
The only question left; do you say it Qatar or Qatar?

Cowboys and the Vikings, game of the week potential
Result of this game is without question consequential
Thought it would be a good one, battle of some studs
Cowboys blew them out, Vikings may be duds

Patriots and Jets, setting football back
Decades with this one, neither team on track
Pats won on a walk off, a punt return touchdown
Jets punted 10 times, offense full of clowns

It is time we talk about the best NBA team
These guys just come out every night with a head full of steam
They’ve won six straight, are very hot, doing some crazy things
Our current favorite team is the Sacramento Kings

A brutal crash and burn for Tennessee football
Big tumble for a team that was just standing so tall
Lost their starting quarterback, and the game by 25
Any playoff chances for them are no longer alive