Willson Contreras Joins a Not So Exclusive Club

The MLB Hot Stove is Hot Stovin’!

On the heels of Aaron Judge signing his mega deal with the Yankees, Willson Contreras signed with the St. Louis Cardinals on a four year, $87 million dollar deal. One of the last remaining members from the 2016 World Series team now will take over for Yadi Molina in St. Louis for the rival Cardinals.

The best rivalry in baseball (Yankees/Red Sox, Dodgers/Giants can suck it) has a surprisingly long history of players playing for both sides. Per Baseball Reference, there have been 324(!) players to don both the North Side pinstripes and red bird logos.

With this in mind, we get to play one of our favorite games…nostalgia. We all know the Jason Heywards and John Lackeys of the world. We live in the muck, the lesser known names that worked both sides of this double edge sword.

Here’s our favorites.

  • Lou Brock: Cubs 1961-1964, Cardinals 1964-1969
  • Miguel Cairo: Cubs 1997-2011, Cardinals 2001-2007
  • Cupid Childs: Cardinals 1899, Cubs 1900-1901
  • Mark DeRosa: Cubs 2007-2008, Cardinals 2009
  • Delino DeShields: Cardinals 1997-1998, Cubs 2001-2002
  • Dennis Eckersley: Cubs 1984-1986, Cardinals 1996-1997
  • Jim Edmonds: Cardinals 2000-2007, Cubs 2008
  • Joe Girardi: Cubs 1989-2002, Cardinals 2003
  • Mark Grudzielanek: Cubs 2003-2004, Cardinals 2005
  • Cesar Izturis: Cubs 2006-2007, Cardinals 2008
  • Jamie Moyer: Cubs 1986-1988, Cardinals 1991
  • Rick Sutcliffe: Cubs 1984-1991, Cardinals 1994
  • So Taguchi: Cardinals 2002-2007, Cubs 2009
  • Ryan Theriot: Cubs 2005-2010, Cardinals 2011
  • Todd Zeile: Cardinals 1989-1995, Cubs 1995

Look at those names! Where else in sports media are you going to get a discussion including Cupid Childs and So Taguchi? Nowhere, that’s where.


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