A Giant Mistake: Carlos Correa Flips to Mets

Photo: Sports Illustrated

More like Car-NOs Correa, amirite?

Weird news broke Tuesday night that Carlos Correa’s introductory press conference with the San Francisco Giants was being delayed due to a “medical issue.”

When we all woke up Wednesday morning, his 13 year, $350 million dollar Giants contract was ripped up and he had already signed a new 12 year, $315 million dollar deal with the Mets.

This is actually great news for the Giants, getting this kind of money off the books to stay in the mix in free agency.

“Now, don’t spend it all in on place.” said Grandmas everywhere.

Forget about Correa, Xander Bogaerts, Trea Turner or Dansby Swanson. According to Spotrac, The Giants will have the flexibility to go after the real big fish that have yet to be signed.

How about hometown heroes Brandon Belt and Evan Longoria? That doesn’t sooth your appetite, Giants fans? How does Nelson Cruz, Jean Segura, or AJ Pollock sound to fill your Carlos Correa sized hole in your heart? No? Well surely Adam Duvall, Jurickson Profar, or Jackie Bradley Jr. would do the trick…right?

If none of those tempting names do it for you, patience is a virtue. The 2024 free agent class is simply busting with talent: Kyle Hendricks, Joey Gallo, and Jonathan Schoop just to name a few. All better than Carlos Correa.

Don’t fret, Giants fans…this is definitely not an all-time bad mishap that will set you back years and maybe decades.


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