Police Officer Wins One Billion Dollar Wager

Photo: Hales Photo

Officer Shaq reporting for payment.

On Tuesday night, TNT’s Inside the NBA, the best pregame show in sports, hosted a retired police officer for a segment. In the lead up to the Hawks vs. Heat game, the always outspoken Charles Barkley let his mouth write a check his round mound might not be able to cash:

Not a whole lot of information about the recipient of the Chuck’s billion, but it appears he had career stops in Orlando, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Cleveland, and Boston. He seemed to have been pretty good at his job; a very overpowering force who had acquired a slew of fun nicknames during his service time.

You always love to see when someone who has made so much money in his career be so willing to give back. Another reason we all love Charles. What a kind, kind gesture to be so free with his hard earned income.


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