Nick Wright Just Dropped a Kyrie Irving Bomb

The Brooklyn Nets have a tentative reservation with the Larry O’Brien Trophy scheduled for next June. They are the odds on favorite to win the NBA championship at most reputable sports books, and have the best Big 3 in basketball.

With more time to gel, an already well-connected Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving are likely to run through the Eastern Conference next season, barring injury or jackass-ery.

So, for some reason, Nick Wright woke up this morning and chose violence:


This could very well be a (smart) leak by Kyrie and his team, who have yet to get an extension signed with Brooklyn. He’s currently en route to becoming a free agent at the end of next season. At this point, it seems like things are trending towards The Nets and Kyrie sitting down and getting a deal done. This may just be the first round of unofficial contract negotiations: “If you don’t sign me, other teams want me, or I’ll just retire.” Heady play.

Or, if this is actually legit, and Nick Wright and his gang of sources nailed this scoop, would Brooklyn call Kyrie’s bluff? Hopefully not, because it’s truly a joy to watch Kyrie and his style of play. Only time will tell.

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Sat Down For an All Time Interview

Photo: YouTube

This was incredible.

Draymond Green dropped his latest episode of “Chips,” his interview series on Bleacher Report on Wednesday. This was a special one, as he sat down with former teammate and fellow chip-on-shoulder haver Kevin Durant. The best player in the NBA was open, introspective, and refreshing in the 24-minute video released on YouTube.

Off the jump, KD’s headgear selection was intriguing. You have to wonder if the selection of an Oakland A’s hat was a tip of the cap (bad joke) to Warriors fans for his time in the Bay. Even if it wasn’t on purpose, it was ironic.

Despite being teammates on back-to-back championship teams, in today’s environment, the pair are probably better known for their blowout argument (start’s at about 0:56 in the link) that went fully viral. It does appear the two got over the argument, and rather quickly. KD made an interesting comparison between their “conversation” and the infamous Scottie Pippen sitting out incident; saying it was better to “get all that shit out” in the moment instead of letting anything fester. Can’t say I disagree with him.

Another subject Green breached with The Slim Reaper was his apparent change in personality between his clean, “kid who wears the book bag” he was assigned while in Oklahoma City to what we’ve seen since then. In terms of the much maligned career move of leaving the Thunder to join the Warriors, KD said “[i]t was a basketball decision, but I knocked it down to not giving a fuck.”

When discussing how his attitude change towards the media, he also provided compelling openness in admitting he believed they knew more than he did. With age and experience, he was able to find more of himself; noting “the questions they ask me now don’t move me like they used to.” Another encouraging viewpoint of a person finding out more about who they are and not being afraid to be that person.

This interview included a man who seems to be at peace with the person he has become. When asked about his happiest professional moment, Durant expressed his dislike for the word “happy,” saying “it’s a fleeting feeling. I just want to enjoy every day being alive…I don’t want to chase happiness, I want to stay even.”

It was exceptional seeing a personable, accessible, and seemingly unburdened KD. I hope we get to see more of this in the future.

This Is Worth $400+ Million In Contracts

Look at that glorious physical specimen.

Of course, Stephen Curry has come a long way since that picture was taken. Skipping a few steps and career milestones, Curry signed a five year, $201M deal before the 2017-2018 season. Life changing money, right? Set for life type stuff for the best shooter in our lifetime and possibly history.

On Tuesday, Chef Curry cashed in again:

With that announcement, Curry became the first player in NBA history to sign consecutive $200M contracts. Pretty incredible stuff for a guy who has earned and deserves it. Certain athletes are called “generational” for a reason, and Steph is one of them. He single handedly changed NBA roster construction, how offenses are run, shot selection; you name it, Curry has impacted it since coming into the NBA in 2009.

You can’t ask for much more regarding a high level talent with a pretty clean off the court record as well. Many times in sports, teams will turn the other cheek on player issues if they’re good enough to help the team win. That’s not breaking news. To Curry’s credit, he hasn’t ever had to make the Warriors even think about how to explain why he would still be playing despite doing some immoral shit off the court. If the most offensive thing a guy has done is release some heinous shoes, you’re in good shape.

Curry has done it pretty much the right way since coming out of nowhere at Davidson. In Curry’s 12 NBA seasons, he’s a seven time All-Star, two time MVP, and has won three NBA Championships. You pair that with over $400M in contract money (not even considering ad money, shoe deals, etc.), you must be doing something right in life.

Sunday State of Mind: July 26th-August 1st

Photo: 7 Themes

The great thing about sports, is that they just don’t stop. They just keep coming at us week after week. Sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, which is why we’re here to recap what went down the past seven days in this week’s SSM.

MLB Trade Deadline, big names on the move
If it’s this season or future ones, teams looking to improve
Some emotional goodbyes, for longtime members of clubs
Perhaps no trades more influential than those of the Cubs

For Reds star Joey Votto, this week was so damn great
Went deep seven games in a row, almost made it eight
They’re in second place this year, have been playing hard
Could sneak into the playoffs, if Joey keeps going yard

Another form of sports transaction, the NBA Draft
Young studs taking the next steps, working on their craft
Hard to guess who will be good, could be anyone
Congrats to all the picks, your pro journeys have begun

Good old Carson Wentz, new Colts quaterback
Hoping for a healthy year, and a big comeback
Hurt his foot at training camp, said he felt a “twinge”
Opting for no surgery, but may have to get the syringe

Sunday State of Mind: July 19th-June 25th

Photo: Blogenium

After a long week of sports, we’re here to review in this week’s SSM.

We crowned a brand new champ this week in the NBA
Giannis took the whole thing over, in a dominant way
Even better than basketball, maybe his best display
Fifty nuggets and an all-time video, drive through Chik-Fil-A

The Tampa Bay Bucs got their fat ass rings
One of the better perks of being NFL kings
That 43 year old quarterback just continues to linger
If he holds on any more, he’s going to run out of fingers

Opposite side of greatness, USA basketball
Pre-Olympic struggles, and to France they did fall
We’ve been historically spoiled, not used to being rolled
Need Pop and the boys to get going, if they want to get the gold

The summer of college football continues to be one of change
Texas and Oklahoma, nearing a conference rearrange
Leaving the Big 12 to move to the SEC
This will not be the last big move, that’s a guarantee

Sunday State of Mind: July 12th-June 18th

Reports of SSM’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Our weekly review of the past seven days in sports is back.

Collin Morikawa, The Open is all yours
Second win in eight majors, on his way to more
Jordan Spieth gave it a go, but came up just too short
Two young guns with bright ass futures, so great for the sport

Bucks are up three games to two, Suns are on their heels
The Finals will be over soon, we’ll all be in our feels
Devin Booker’s scoring in droves, Chris Paul is up and down
Giannis is one win away from dawning his first crown

If it is not one thing, it’s always another
Lindor and deGrom, why do the Mets even bother?
To say they have bad luck, would be and understatement at the least
Even with all the injuries, Mets first in the NL East

Speaking of New York, Yankees what the hell?
COVID outbreak last week, six positive players fell
Aaron Judge the biggest name, will be out at least 10 days
Will miss some time against the Phillies, Red Sox, and the Rays

Sunday State of Mind: June 21st-June 27th

Photo: Wall Up

Here we are again, friends. We have reached the end of another week, and we’re here to review in the latest Sunday State of Mind.

Of all the good stories this year, and there are aplenty
My favorite of them all may be Trey Mancini
Fought and beat cancer last year, but missed the entire season
I’ll be watching the Derby this year, and he’s the only reason

Three double digit hitting streaks in the MLB
Bryan from Pittsburgh, JP from Seattle, and from Houston, Yuli
One week pitchers are too good, and getting checked midgame
After that we get three guys who look like their next stop’s the Hall of Fame

Even more destroying of baseballs, the big guy Kyle Schwarber
When he steps into the box, pitcher’s crouch in horror
Thirteen home runs in fifteen games, guy is on a tear
When he’s in the zone like this, it’s almost just unfair

Another no hitter was thrown this week, Dodgers looking like scrubs
After starting Zach Davies and throwing three relievers, got no hit by the Cubs
It’s the seventh no-no in 2021, tying a major league mark
You never know what you’ll see day to day, at the old ballpark

Can’t forget the NBA, Conference Finals in full swing
Bucks and Hawks are tied 1-1, Suns are doing their thing
The Clippers are missing their guy Kawhi, sidelined by a knee
If he doesn’t get back soon, eliminated they will be

We do have one Finals match set, in the NHL
Montreal and Tampa Bay, let the excitement swell
Will Lord Stanley reside up north? Will Tampa Bay repeat?
Looking forward either way for how the season will complete

Sunday State of Mind: June 14th-June 20th

Happy Father’s Day! Read this week’s SSM to Dad since he was probably napping in his recliner during all the action.

Madden 22 has released their latest cover
Two goats, one game, great for football lovers
Brady and Mahomes are your newest cover boys
On the video game that has given all of us years of joy

Spider Tack introduced itself into the public eye
MLB cares all the sudden, truly wonder why
No chance that it could be because batting’s now a joke
Anything they can do to fix a sport that’s nearly broke

Suns and the Clippers, finals in the West
Phoenix and LA going to see who is the best
Bucks advanced in the East to face the 76ers or Hawks
Philly or Atlanta in game seven, loser has to walk

Rick Carlisle is Out as Mavericks Head Coach

Photo: Pinterest

The Dallas Mavericks got no food, they’ve got no jobs, and it appears that their pet’s heads are falling off. After 13 seasons manning the helm, Rick Carlisle (pictured above), announced that he would be leaving the organization.

There seems to be some serious fire in Dallas, and it is smooooookin’! Carlisle resigned from his post a day after the Mavs announced that GM Donnie Nelson would also not be back next season. Carlisle and Nelson were a dynamic duo during their time in Dallas, making numerous smart decisions from year to year; those decisions flatly outnumbered the Dumb and Dumber decisions that seem to be happening within the organization currently.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has some serious work to do before next year. Cuban is going to be be forced to remove The Mask of a billionaire, and put on his Pet Detective hat in search of a completely revamped front office. Will he be open and honest about what’s happening behind the scenes, or will he be a Liar Liar? Depending on the available hires, the next portion of Mavs history could make Cuban a happy owner or a total Grinch.

For Mavericks fan’s sake, hopefully the organization cleans things up, starts this new era with a Spotless Mind, and finds Eternal Sunshine. Cuban and the boys upstairs next hire better leave the fans optimistic and saying “Yes Man!” If not, the entire front office is going to be shot out of Dallas in a cannon. At that point, they’ll all be Men on the Moon.

Sunday State of Mind: June 7th-June 13th

Photo: Faxo

A heavy dose of NBA this week, as Sunday State of Mind is back in a big way.

Your newly minted MVP is Nikola “The Joker”
He’s the best player in all the land, in no way a choker
The guy has done it all this year, averaged 26 & 11
Having a big man like that on your team must feel like absolute heaven

Bad news for the MVP, his team is playing the Suns
Denver is down three games to nil, looking all but done
The Nuggets need a miracle, to advance over Phoenix
Looking into Denver’s future, it’s all crying and Kleenex

As of writing this afternoon, all other series are 2-1
Jazz & Clips, Sixers & Hawks, Nets & Bucks, all fun
The Bucks stole one at home Thursday, otherwise have looked bad
Scary injuries for Embiid and Spider, Philly and Utah need their launch pads