Tesla Self-Parks 360,000 Tesla Self-Driving Cars That Can’t Self-Drive

Photo: 1000 Logos

When will Elon Musk catch a break?

Certainly his self-driving cars can’t, as Tesla recalled over 360,000 of their vehicles today due to software issues. I’m not a big car guy, but seems like self-driving cars being able to drive themselves would be an important function.

This setback for the definitely cool, totally normal Elon Musk is a surprise. Who would’ve thought allowing an almost 2,000 pound machine its own AI brain to propel itself upwards of 100 miles per hour would cause issues?

Photo: Market Watch

Musk, seen above trying to comprehend how anyone could make less than four billion dollars a year, now has a metric ton of work on his hands. I can assume trying to fix 360,000 plus cars isn’t a fun job; but Tesla owners have to take solace in the fact that he is clearly not distracted by any other vanity projects or things that would ever take away his focus on providing the safest, purest automotive product in the world.

A little advice for Elon on our way out, as I’m sure he’ll read this blog: beep bop, beep beep boop, boop bobbity beep.