Rick Carlisle is Out as Mavericks Head Coach

Photo: Pinterest

The Dallas Mavericks got no food, they’ve got no jobs, and it appears that their pet’s heads are falling off. After 13 seasons manning the helm, Rick Carlisle (pictured above), announced that he would be leaving the organization.

There seems to be some serious fire in Dallas, and it is smooooookin’! Carlisle resigned from his post a day after the Mavs announced that GM Donnie Nelson would also not be back next season. Carlisle and Nelson were a dynamic duo during their time in Dallas, making numerous smart decisions from year to year; those decisions flatly outnumbered the Dumb and Dumber decisions that seem to be happening within the organization currently.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has some serious work to do before next year. Cuban is going to be be forced to remove The Mask of a billionaire, and put on his Pet Detective hat in search of a completely revamped front office. Will he be open and honest about what’s happening behind the scenes, or will he be a Liar Liar? Depending on the available hires, the next portion of Mavs history could make Cuban a happy owner or a total Grinch.

For Mavericks fan’s sake, hopefully the organization cleans things up, starts this new era with a Spotless Mind, and finds Eternal Sunshine. Cuban and the boys upstairs next hire better leave the fans optimistic and saying “Yes Man!” If not, the entire front office is going to be shot out of Dallas in a cannon. At that point, they’ll all be Men on the Moon.

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