This Is Worth $400+ Million In Contracts

Look at that glorious physical specimen.

Of course, Stephen Curry has come a long way since that picture was taken. Skipping a few steps and career milestones, Curry signed a five year, $201M deal before the 2017-2018 season. Life changing money, right? Set for life type stuff for the best shooter in our lifetime and possibly history.

On Tuesday, Chef Curry cashed in again:

With that announcement, Curry became the first player in NBA history to sign consecutive $200M contracts. Pretty incredible stuff for a guy who has earned and deserves it. Certain athletes are called “generational” for a reason, and Steph is one of them. He single handedly changed NBA roster construction, how offenses are run, shot selection; you name it, Curry has impacted it since coming into the NBA in 2009.

You can’t ask for much more regarding a high level talent with a pretty clean off the court record as well. Many times in sports, teams will turn the other cheek on player issues if they’re good enough to help the team win. That’s not breaking news. To Curry’s credit, he hasn’t ever had to make the Warriors even think about how to explain why he would still be playing despite doing some immoral shit off the court. If the most offensive thing a guy has done is release some heinous shoes, you’re in good shape.

Curry has done it pretty much the right way since coming out of nowhere at Davidson. In Curry’s 12 NBA seasons, he’s a seven time All-Star, two time MVP, and has won three NBA Championships. You pair that with over $400M in contract money (not even considering ad money, shoe deals, etc.), you must be doing something right in life.

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