Britney’s Back, Bitch

Photo: People

After a long and arduous Circus, Britney Spears is free. No need to rehash the entire, well-known story. But finally, Spears’ scumbag father Jamie announced that he will separate himself from her conservatorship.

So, Britney’s all on her own, a Brave New Girl. She said Gimme More liberty, and she got it. After all of her public meltdowns, her fanbase held strong after she asked them not to Hold It Against Me; a true homage to the amount of love people have for the Femme Fatale.

After becoming a music icon and catching so many breaks in the entertainment industry, Spears was not so Lucky in getting tricked into her conservatorship. Ronan Farrow did some excellent (as usual) journalism on the whole story, which can be found here.

Once Farrow’s story broke, it became well known that Britney’s Prerogative to get out of this horrible agreement as quickly as possible. She was Overprotected, and didn’t want any part of an incredibly Toxic scenario.

We hope this is the last we ever hear about this mess, and that Britney is able to live her life as she wants, ‘Til The World Ends.

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