Britney’s Back, Bitch

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After a long and arduous Circus, Britney Spears is free. No need to rehash the entire, well-known story. But finally, Spears’ scumbag father Jamie announced that he will separate himself from her conservatorship.

So, Britney’s all on her own, a Brave New Girl. She said Gimme More liberty, and she got it. After all of her public meltdowns, her fanbase held strong after she asked them not to Hold It Against Me; a true homage to the amount of love people have for the Femme Fatale.

After becoming a music icon and catching so many breaks in the entertainment industry, Spears was not so Lucky in getting tricked into her conservatorship. Ronan Farrow did some excellent (as usual) journalism on the whole story, which can be found here.

Once Farrow’s story broke, it became well known that Britney’s Prerogative to get out of this horrible agreement as quickly as possible. She was Overprotected, and didn’t want any part of an incredibly Toxic scenario.

We hope this is the last we ever hear about this mess, and that Britney is able to live her life as she wants, ‘Til The World Ends.

The Aughts Hot or Not – Lil Wayne “Let the Beat Build”

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The world changed for the better 13 years ago today. On June 10, 2008, “Tha Carter III” was released. Lil Wayne was at his absolute peak, and was the hottest thing going in Summer ’08. When TCIII came out, he went to a whole new level.

This album was packed front to back with bangers. Of course, “Lollipop” was and still is one of the most commercially popular hip hop songs of all time; but Weezy F didn’t just stop there. He also gave us Mr. Carter,” “A Milli,” “Comfortable,” “Phone Home,” and “Shoot Me Down” all on one masterpiece album. He didn’t have to go that hard for us…but he did.

However, all of the above-mentioned songs, which unequivocally slap, pale in comparison to what I believe is not only the best song on TCIII…but Lil Wayne’s best offering of all time.

That’s right, in this round of “The Aughts Hot or Not,” we’re reviewing the 2008 hit “Let the Beat Build.”

Music Video

As we’ve done in past AHN’s, the music video review is a vital part in our final rating.

In what may be one of the worst crimes in the history of music, “Let the Beat Build” was actually not released as a single, and thus, has no music video to review.

In case you resided under a rock in Summer ’08, here’s the link to get you up to speed on this gem. If you’re familiar with our subject today, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the song is NSFW.

Best Lyric

Believe that, like a true story
Rims big, make the car look like it’s two stories
If I hop out, that’d be suicide
No back seats, call that paralyze
I don’t have a spine, I don’t fantasize
I mastermind, then go after mine
You see I handle mine, I dismantle mine
I tote a tool box, bitch it’s hammer time

I mean, come on. Each line bleeding into the next without effort. The metaphors are perfect, rhyme scheme is flawless, just a stellar batch of lyrics that one would be hard pressed to find any fault.

Worst Lyric

That I am the best rapper alive
I am the best rapper alive
And I will eat you alive
Think I’m lyin’?

Fully aware that a very popular line throughout Lil Tunechi’s entire catalogue is some type of variant of being the best rapper alive; which was possibly true in the early aughts. However, just filling the entire bridge with this reocurring trope seemed a bit repetitive.


My entire Summer ’08 was pumping Lil Wayne’s Pandora streaming numbers. I can remember Natty Light case races with “Let the Beat Build” and the like as our soundtrack. This song was incredibly strong back then, and it still is now.

Rating: 10 Carson Daly’s

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What Better Time to Launch a Sports Blog than When Hardly Any Sports are Happening?

Here goes nothin’.

What are we trying to do here? We’re trying to create content that will hopefully make you laugh, maybe make you think, and for sure make you call us out when we’re way off the mark or straight up wrong; which will 100% happen at some point.

We’re hoping to have a few recurring blog concepts, but otherwise going to try and keep this thing a fairly open playing field. A little more on that below.

What’s in a name? Untimed Down Sports.

In the greatest sport America has to offer (and that will likely will be outlawed in 20 years with continued CTE research), an untimed down happens in a football game when the clock hits 0:00 and a defensive penalty simultaneously occurs.

This unlikely scenario leads to an untimed down; a down with no time limits, and a play that any-god-damned thing can happen. That’s exactly what we’re shooting for here. We of course have “sports” in our title, but we’re not going to pigeon hole ourselves into only to area. We’re dumb, but not that dumb.

Pop culture, music, art, or the fact that koalas have fingerprints. We’re here for all of it, and we hope that you will be too.

Throw us a pity follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as any feedback or ideas you might have. This thing could last a month or 50 years, who the hell knows.

Let’s go!