Kyler Murray is Playing Mental Games

We’re playing checkers, he’s playing chess.

Kyler Murray, AKA Baby Yoda, AKA Toad from Mario, AKA Baby Groot, has had a rollercoaster past seven days.

On July 21st, his monster contract agreement was announced; $160 Million guaranteed will have anyone flying high. Once the contract language was released, the entire world freaked out about the now overly-discussed video game clause. So, a big payday followed by a big embarrassment.

Well, Kyler doesn’t want to talk about it. Or, he does…right?

No, he doesn’t. Well…maybe.

Do we talk about Kyler not wanting to talk about it? Or does Kyler want us to talk about not talking about it?

There’s nothing that says “I don’t want to talk about this” more than holding an impromptu press conference talking about how you don’t want to talk about it. Message clearly received, Kyler.

So, in review. We will not put any effort into talking about what Kyler does, or does not want to talk about.

Pretzel brain, engaged.

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