We’ve Got a Chili Cook Off Winner in Cincinnati

Photo: @Bengals on Twitter

Today’s professional athletes have all health advantages at their fingertips. World class nutritionists, body scan reports, team physicians…the list goes on an on. So, when a NFL team switches sponsorships of a certified food pyramid product, it’s a huge deal.

Enormous news from the Cincinnati Bengals account this morning, as they announced after a successful, healthy 20 year relationship with Gold Star, their new official chili sponsor is now Skyline.

News of the new chili sponsor has rocked the sports world. Skyline’s 160 chain restaurants that primarily cover Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Florida are celebrating by drowning themselves in spaghetti topped with a gang of brown, chunky sludge. If you’re looking for a new NFL team and love chili hot dogs with a light accent of eight pounds of shredded cheese, the 2021 AFC Champions are the squad for you.

With the new corporate announcement, we’re looking forward to seeing how Joe Burrow plays quarterback next year at 350 pounds. Will Ja’Marr Chase continue to make unbelievable grabs when his gloves are covered in dirt-colored muck? Orlando Brown, the team’s shiny new left tackle, is currently listed at 345 pounds…can we assume he’s going to suit up week one at 645?

Nothing but positives can come out of this fresh, new sponsorship. Top level athletes and chili, an absolute perfect match.