Nick Wright Just Dropped a Kyrie Irving Bomb

The Brooklyn Nets have a tentative reservation with the Larry O’Brien Trophy scheduled for next June. They are the odds on favorite to win the NBA championship at most reputable sports books, and have the best Big 3 in basketball.

With more time to gel, an already well-connected Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving are likely to run through the Eastern Conference next season, barring injury or jackass-ery.

So, for some reason, Nick Wright woke up this morning and chose violence:


This could very well be a (smart) leak by Kyrie and his team, who have yet to get an extension signed with Brooklyn. He’s currently en route to becoming a free agent at the end of next season. At this point, it seems like things are trending towards The Nets and Kyrie sitting down and getting a deal done. This may just be the first round of unofficial contract negotiations: “If you don’t sign me, other teams want me, or I’ll just retire.” Heady play.

Or, if this is actually legit, and Nick Wright and his gang of sources nailed this scoop, would Brooklyn call Kyrie’s bluff? Hopefully not, because it’s truly a joy to watch Kyrie and his style of play. Only time will tell.

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