A Full List of LeBron’s Demands After Claiming the Future NBA Franchise in Las Vegas

Photo: Heavy

The King has called dibs.

In a wildly brash answer during a press conference in Las Vegas, LeBron James called out NBA Commissioner Adam Silver regarding the NBA potentially expanding to Sin City.

“He probably sees every single interview and transcript that comes through from NBA players…so, I want the team here, Adam.” said James.

Of course, LeBron is (AKA earned the right to be) the only current player in the NBA to come out and say something so bold while, obviously, still being on a roster. Even so, hearing a guy outwardly planning his next career move in Vegas while still having a lot of work to do for the Lakers is worth noting

While The King’s begging of the commissioner is getting the headlines, there were a number of other demands the 37-year-old James made during the Q&A session:

  • Officially outlawing traveling.
  • Requiring the entire NBA to activate “Zero Dark Thirty-23” during the playoffs.
  • All Klutch Sports clients provided a seventh foul before being fouled out of games.
  • Evolving “All-Star Weekend” to “All-Star Month and a Half.”
  • Any references to receding hairlines meriting a 41-game suspension.
  • LeBron provided an eighth foul before being fouled out of games.

A pretty burdensome list from LeBron. Without question he still has enough sway going into his 20th season to effect some changes in the NBA in the spirit of improving the league as a whole, and definitely not just himself.

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