Deshaun Watson Got Off Easy

This is gross.

On Monday morning, the jerking around of the Deshaun Watson case(s) came to completion. The Browns quarterback received a six game suspension for his loads of sexual misconduct charges against him.

Six games for 24 counts of (if true) horrendous behavior. A total stroke of luck that Watson received the equivalent of on game per woman he (allegedly) took advantage of. The ruling today basically wiped clean any wrong doing in exchange for 33% of one season’s worth of games.

NFL writer Dov Kleinman put this into perspective in relation to other past league suspensions:

That’s right; same amount of games for PEDs, 72 more games for smoking weed, and 12 more games for placing one bet on your team to win a game. That’s how much this suspension blew.

The whole thing was and still is a total mess. The whole process was rubbed down to nothing which resulted in a horrific punishment that satisfies no one besides Watson, which is all he cared about in the first place.

Sunday State of Mind: August 31st-September 6th

Photo: Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Enjoy this holiday weekend SSM.

The sometimes awful world of social media
This week gained a baseball encyclopedia
That’s right folks, the GOAT, Vin Scully has decided to join
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, excited for Vin to get going

Deshaun Watson, Texans quarterback, got his big contract extension
Four years, $160 million, no need for any pension
Watson’s not only a good quarterback, but a good man
This, this, and this, consider me a fan

This weekend we had a small dose of college football
Admittedly weak slate, biggest team playing was Marshall
Still good to see some shoulder pads popping
Hopefully the college football season won’t be stopping