“Isolation Retreat” Sounds Like a Kickass 80’s Rock Band

Photo: Insider

In his Super Bowl edition of his weekly hit on The Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers was (surprisingly) asked about his future.

When asked, Rodgers gave a, what we have become accustomed to, different answer to the boring old “will you retire?” question.

There you have it; one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time’s future being decided in a pitch black cabin.

Along with the aforementioned “Isolation Retreat” sounding like a chart-topping 80’s hair band, in four-ish minutes the always efficient Rodgers pumped out these other names that sound like ensembles our parents smoked weed to when they were kids:

“Art of Contemplation”

“Four Nights of Complete Darkness”

“Highest Interest of Happiness”

“Isolation and Darkness”

“Adult Diapers”

Rodgers fancies himself as a “free thinker,” which is for the most part fine. He’s said some dumb stuff that doesn’t need to to rehashed here.

But isn’t something like an “isolation retreat” determining your future make for a better interview than the classic “well, I need to sit down with my family, pray about it, and come to a decision in due time with my family” that we hear 10,000 times every offseason?


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