The Aughts Hot or Not – Kim Kardashian “Jam (Turn It Up)”

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Yeah…this is happening.

After our long national nightmare that seemed to last like six minutes, The Kardashians are finally back where they belong; atop of the reality television mountain. After a 20 year run on E! the krazy klan is back for drama, arguments, and family moments that are all definitely not scripted.

Like many other successful lawyers, Kim K took a stab at the music biz before cracking open a law book. After failing the California bar three times, she announced on Instagram in December that the fourth time was the charm…finally, a Kardashian caught a break in life.

With their long awaited reality TV return this week, we thought it was all but appropriate to fire up the ‘ol Aughts Hot or Not machine for Kim Kardashian’s 2010 banger “Jam (Turn It Up).”

Music Video

Boom, 18 seconds in we get an ass shot. Whoever directed this video (assuming it was Kris Jenner) must’ve thought the inspiring lyrics and heartfelt message behind the song wasn’t as strong as that cake Kim K is so famous for.

We continue on with some random seductive(?) laying and crawling on the ground. Kim looks like she’s worked up quite a sweat throughout the video, so hopefully she was OK.

Eventually, we get back to the butt shots around the 3:18 mark, which shouldn’t have surprised me since I quickly learned this video is about four to five different clips just rolled over and over. Surprised the formula of butt, laying down, crawling, photoshoot didn’t take this video to the moon.

The grand finale of the video was a grainy, pink letter train that, in case you got lost in the majesty of song and video, spells out K-I-M-K-A-R-D-A-S-H-I-A-N to remind you of the songbird giving you this certified hit.

Best Lyric

Girls in the building
Fellas in the club
Boys spending money
Girls looking good
Im on the floor, living my life
Feeling so good, feeling so right
Got my hands up
Celebrate like its my birthday
Five more shots of tequila
I’m thirsty

Shakespeare, is that you?! This is an incredible run on of lines that simply do not rhyme, and I love it. I wish I was as brave as Kim K to put myself out there in music form with building, club, money, good, life, right, up, birthday, tequila.

Now admittedly, I don’t remember all of the times I’ve drank tequila, but I don’t think it has ever quenched my thirst. Celebrities do have crazy health secrets that us common folk don’t, so maybe Kim is on to something here. All I get when I take any shot of tequila (let alone five) is a shriveled face and instant regret.

Worst Lyric

I’ma burn it out tonight, it’s goin’ down
By live via satellite
And all I see is angels in my eyes
Buzz got me way up in the sky

So hard to pick here, so many great options. This set of lyrical magic takes the cake, though. What is being burned out? Where is it being broadcasted live via satellite?

Did Kim temporarily cross over the rainbow bridge and none of us know it? If all you’re seeing is angels, and feeling a buzz that has you way up in the sky…feeling a little worried.


This is a great song for a punchline, or for writing stupid blogs such as this one. Overall, I think we can all agree this is pretty bad. Apparently Kim is with us as well, telling The Huffington Post in 2014, “Like, what gave me the right to think I could be a singer? Like, I don’t have a good voice.”

Eloquent as always, Kim.

Rating: 2 Carson Dalys

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The Aughts Hot or Not – The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army”

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Did you start to hear the bass drum when you read the title? How about the guitar? Dmmm, dm DM dm d dmmmm dmmmm…Dmmm, dm DM dm d dmmmm dmmmm. So great.

In today’s edition of AHN, we’re looking back on The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army.” It’s one of the band’s most commercially popular songs and even has a few different connections to sports. The song came from the “Elephant” album in 2003, and was a huge hit in the early aughts.

Music Video (Photosensitive Warning)

The great thing about this music video, and you could have said the same thing about the White Stripes before they broke up, is that that there’s not too much going on, while at the same time there’s a bunch of shit happening.

The main character in the video is a repetitive triangular shape that keeps regenerating and coming at you throughout the entire song. Just before the one minute mark, and as we get to the first iteration of the popular guitar riff the song is known for, strobe lights kick in and things start to get weird. The video does a great job of pairing the visuals with the pacing of the song itself, (ex: strobes at the high points, fades to black when things slow down).

Other worthwhile developments in the video come around the 1:25 mark, we get waves of skeleton soldiers marching to the beat. A nod to the title of the song, one would presume. At the 3:10 mark, we get our one and only elephant to come through the continued heap of depictions spewed at us. This of course appears due to the aforementioned album title named above.

The video is a perfect mess of bland and hectic. It give you more than enough to keep your eyes entertained throughout the duration.

Best Lyric

I’m going to Wichita
Far from this opera forevermore
I’m gonna work the straw
Make the sweat drip out of every pore
And I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding, and I’m bleeding
Right before the Lord
All the words are gonna bleed from me
And I will sing no more

I think these lyrics hit the best in “Seven Nation Army” because of the messenger. Jack White seems like the rockstar who you’re not 100% sure wants to be a rockstar. He seems like a guy who could just quit the music scene (far from this opera) without notice, for a simpler life (work the straw in Wichita).

It’s almost like he’s threatening us that he can do without the life his celebrity has brought, and can go do whatever he wants without needing any of us…and to have that power is pretty great, I would imagine.

Worst Lyric

And I’m talking to myself at night
Because I can’t forget
Back and forth through my mind
Behind a cigarette

Cigarettes are bad, don’t smoke them.


This was a very strong effort by a band that many of us wish were still making music together. This song was not only stand alone great, it made it’s way into sports as an extremely popular stadium chant. That has to count for something in my ratings.

Rating: 7 Carson Daly’s

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The Aughts Hot or Not – Lil Wayne “Let the Beat Build”

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The world changed for the better 13 years ago today. On June 10, 2008, “Tha Carter III” was released. Lil Wayne was at his absolute peak, and was the hottest thing going in Summer ’08. When TCIII came out, he went to a whole new level.

This album was packed front to back with bangers. Of course, “Lollipop” was and still is one of the most commercially popular hip hop songs of all time; but Weezy F didn’t just stop there. He also gave us Mr. Carter,” “A Milli,” “Comfortable,” “Phone Home,” and “Shoot Me Down” all on one masterpiece album. He didn’t have to go that hard for us…but he did.

However, all of the above-mentioned songs, which unequivocally slap, pale in comparison to what I believe is not only the best song on TCIII…but Lil Wayne’s best offering of all time.

That’s right, in this round of “The Aughts Hot or Not,” we’re reviewing the 2008 hit “Let the Beat Build.”

Music Video

As we’ve done in past AHN’s, the music video review is a vital part in our final rating.

In what may be one of the worst crimes in the history of music, “Let the Beat Build” was actually not released as a single, and thus, has no music video to review.

In case you resided under a rock in Summer ’08, here’s the link to get you up to speed on this gem. If you’re familiar with our subject today, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the song is NSFW.

Best Lyric

Believe that, like a true story
Rims big, make the car look like it’s two stories
If I hop out, that’d be suicide
No back seats, call that paralyze
I don’t have a spine, I don’t fantasize
I mastermind, then go after mine
You see I handle mine, I dismantle mine
I tote a tool box, bitch it’s hammer time

I mean, come on. Each line bleeding into the next without effort. The metaphors are perfect, rhyme scheme is flawless, just a stellar batch of lyrics that one would be hard pressed to find any fault.

Worst Lyric

That I am the best rapper alive
I am the best rapper alive
And I will eat you alive
Think I’m lyin’?

Fully aware that a very popular line throughout Lil Tunechi’s entire catalogue is some type of variant of being the best rapper alive; which was possibly true in the early aughts. However, just filling the entire bridge with this reocurring trope seemed a bit repetitive.


My entire Summer ’08 was pumping Lil Wayne’s Pandora streaming numbers. I can remember Natty Light case races with “Let the Beat Build” and the like as our soundtrack. This song was incredibly strong back then, and it still is now.

Rating: 10 Carson Daly’s

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It Is Our Birthday

Massive news in the sports media landscape today. On May 18, 2020, Untimed Down Sports made its raucous debut and arguably changed the blog game forever. UDS put the entire internet on notice by starting a sports & entertainment blog when there literally were no sports happening. A new sheriff was in town, and things were never the same.

A look back on how we got started seemed appropriate on such a celebratory day.

We started off with a flurry of blogs hotter than 1,000 suns; an introduction of who we are, hot takes on Russell Wilson and breakfast, and a love letter to The Last Dance.

We were off and running after that, presenting our weekly wrap up of the week that was in sports with Sunday State of Mind, as well as reoccurring series’ of The Aughts Hot or Not and Who Wore It Best.

It was all gas and no brakes at that point, an no one was safe. Especially not Friends, shoe tying practices, and cults. We showed love to those who deserved it, including Joe Kelly, the NBA Dunk Contest, Odell Beckham Jr., and Tyrod Taylor. All of that, and so much more made what was a shitty year just a bit more tolerable.

Over 100 blogs posted, a few Twitter trolls retweeted, and still learning how to run a damn website; but we’re just getting started.

We truly appreciate our growing social media following and expanding page view numbers. So keep rocking with us, and we’ll keep trying our best to give you a reason to do so.

Thank you!

The Aughts Hot or Not – Blink 182 “First Date”

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It’s 2001, you come home from school and throw some pizza rolls in the microwave. Homework? Nah. Shut the door to your room and throw Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in the PS2. Are you going with Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist, or Chad Muska? Doesn’t matter, all three of them shred so hard.

As great as the THPS soundtrack is, sometimes you have to switch it up a bit. So you grab that trapper keeper that held all of your CDs, and find Blink 182’s classic album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket. You meander through the first few songs, until you get to the third track, “First Date.”

All is good in the world.

Music Video

There is so much going on in this music video and I absolutely love the chaos. A totally random and unexplained anecdote of Tom DeLonge kissing his brother starts the video off right before Travis Barker begins the musical proceedings.

If the costumes and grainy footage didn’t give it away, we quickly learn the setting for the video is El Segundo, California in 1974. Shaggy hair, handlebar mustaches, and short shorts all around. We see the band start to roll around town in their Volkswagen van, exiting accompanied by a plume of smoke, and driving with an “Ass, Gas, of Grass” bumper sticker on the back fender.

Around the 1:45 mark, we get to, in my humble option, the climax of the video…the wiffle ball scene. Both hilarious and sad, the wiffle ball bat gets launched, and caught in the poor girl with the headgear’s bike spokes. She takes a mighty tumble over the handlebars and rolls away crying and ashamed. Sad indeed.

The hilarious part is that this moment produced what is one of the most popular GIFs used today:

At their peak, the guys from Blink 182 were such visionaries they were creating visual art that would become one of the best GIFs we have, 15 years before the medium even became a popular form of communication. Truly forward-thinking stuff.

The remainder of the video is a trip to the water park and go-kart track, where we get some awkward ass slapping, shrinkage jokes, and peeing on the side of the go-kart track. We finish off by getting an update on where the guys are know; Travis drives go-karts full time, Spaulding (Mark) still lives in his van, and Boomer (Tom) is currently in prison for undisclosed reasons. A fitting end to this group of dimwits we’re introduced to in this video.

Best Lyric

I dread the thought of our very first kiss
A target that I’m probably gonna miss

Not only are these great lyrics, they’re totally savvy. Blink knew exactly what they were doing here. They had the early aughts, punk rock, teen angst crowd wrapped around their finger. You just know there were millions of 13-17 year olds who felt these lines in their bones.

Another thing that I love about Blink 182 and bands of the like, is the punk rock accent they threw out there when singing, have you ever noticed that? A lot of elongated A’s and ending words with an “auuuugghhh” sound. You can read the lyrics above in what would be considered a normal voice, but they actually sound like:

I draaad the thoight auhv our vaary feeurst keeis
A taurgut thaaat owime praubly geeonna meeis

You know I’m right.

Worst Lyric

Is it cool if I hold your hand?
Is it wrong if I think it’s lame to dance?

A few pros and cons here. Asking permission to hold someone’s hand, definite pro. Thinking it’s lame to dance, definite con. Starting the song off with a shaky lyric; con. Having the song only get better after said start, pro.

Just because I love it so much, let’s get phonetic and read how these lyrics actually sound coming from Tom DeLonge:

Ees eiut kewl eif I hold yer haaaund?
Ees eiut wraung eif I theenk eiut’s lame tuh daaaunce?

You know I’m right.


It’s a shame that Blink 182 has gone through their fair share of break ups, reunions, and re-break ups. The band currently still consists of Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. Tom DeLonge has gone his separate way, and has gotten really into aliens, which I’m all for. But I think we would all be glad to see the three members that made up the band at their peak get back together at some point. A great band, and one of their top songs.

Rating: 8 Carson Daly’s

The Aughts Hot or Not – Nickleback “Photograph”

We are back with another addition of AHN, and this time we are diving deep into the cringe.

Nickleback is the most hated band in history. We’re not the only ones saying this, it’s scientifically proven. The band hails from Hanna, Alberta, Canada, and (unfortunately) came on the scene with their first hit, “How You Remind Me” in 2001. Since then, it has been a continued decline for lead singer Chad Kroeger and his Ed Hardy-wearing group of rockers.

The band has come out with songs for years that have been consistently panned. From such classics as “Someday” (2003) to “Rockstar” (2005), Nickleback has continued to assault our eardrums for the past two decades. They’ve somehow accrued incredible commercial success, however. According to, their singles have spent a combined 28 weeks in the Top 10, 83 weeks in the top 40, and 144 weeks in the top 100 on the US charts; thus proving that there are people out there who will listen to anything.

Today, we’re focusing on the hit “Photograph” off of the band’s 2005 album “All The Right Reasons.” This was another song in the never ending product line of Nickleback offerings that all sound pretty similar. This timeless piece gives us Chad (such a perfect name for this band’s leader, by the way) looking back on his hometown of Hanna, and shows us the roots of the man who would become a rock God for dudes who drink Mountain Dew and wear white-rimmed sunglasses.

Music Video

The music video for “Photograph” is…something. It starts with Chad forcing us to, indeed, “look at this photograph,” really hitting us over the head here. Around the 40 second mark, Chad and the boys take their purposefully-ripped jeans and graphic tees to the old gym at Hanna High to start shredding in the way only Nickleback can. We get some canned b-roll of a typical, rural town with dirt roads, a junk yard (for some reason?), and train tracks with overgrown weeds.

Around the three minute mark, we start to get introduced to some of the Hanna locals, and it’s exactly what you would expect from a relentlessly bland group like Nickleback. Tucked in plaid shirts, jeans worn out from years of blue-collar work, and even a few Karens for some razzle dazzle at the 3:06 mark. Other than that, we get some random video of a softball game, but otherwise just continued pounding of the small town feel of Nickleback’s hometown.

Best Lyric

I miss that town
I miss their faces
You can’t erase
You can’t replace it

Whew…this was a treasure hunt. Trying to find a “best lyric” in a Nickleback song is like trying to find a good steak at a McDonald’s. It seems like this might be as nice and normal as Nickleback lyrics can actually get, which I guess is something. There’s honestly not much to analyze here, simply because like most of their lyrics, it’s so brain-numbingly dull that I can’t pull one interesting thought out of it.

This is as good as it’s going to get, folks.

Worst Lyric

Remember the old arcade
Blew every dollar that we ever made
The cops hated us hangin’ out
They say somebody went and burned it down


What a roller coaster of garbage we’re riding here. So, the cops hated patrons at the arcade? Why? I can only assume it was Chad and the boys’ fault. I can imagine, despite spending “every dollar” they ever made, they still tried to steal prizes, bled the place dry of Mountain Dew and beef jerky, and asked for free tokens when they ran out of money.

Also, we’re just throwing out the fact that someone burned down the poor arcade, and just moving right along with our lives? That’s someone’s business, their income, their life. These thoughtless miscreants couldn’t care less about their old local hangout burning to the ground. Deplorable.


Reviewing a Nickleback song, let alone “Photograph,” was quite the masochistic process, and I’m not sure why it was done. You can’t have sunshine without the rain, as they say. As one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard, you almost have to respect Nickleback’s hustle for just continuously putting out shit that they know is going to be made fun of forever. Those steadfast Canadian rockers refuse to quit giving all of us songs we don’t want, don’t need, and will never like. Having said all of that, it still isn’t going to improve my rating.

Rating: 2 Carson Daly’s

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The Aughts Hot or Not – Fleetwood Mac “Dreams”

We are going way off track on this one, but it must be done. As you may remember, we typically review our favorite songs from The Aughts (2000-2010) in this series. However, due to a certain recent viral video, we’re breaking our own rules.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve seen the now famous TikTok by America’s new best friend, user @420doggface208:

This video is all of the vibes, as the kids say these days. It went hugely viral, enough for Mick Fleetwood to actually respond via TikTok:


@420doggface208 had it right. Dreams and Cranberry just hits different. #Dreams #CranberryDreams #FleetwoodMac

♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

So, as you may have now gathered, in this edition of “The Aughts Hot or Not,” we are traveling back to 1977 to review Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Music Video

Well, this is going to be short and sweet. The music video for “Dreams” is severely lacking in any special effects, CGI, or general substance….and that’s OK!

The production of music videos wasn’t as big of a business back in the 1970’s as it was in The Aughts. What we get here is Stevie, Mick, and the crew in their element, simply performing the song on a stage for presumably an adoring crowd. While everyone gets their moments to shine, the video mostly focuses on lead singer Steve Nicks, who belts out the painful lyrics as only she can.

Best Lyric

Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom
Well, who am I to keep you down?
It’s only right that you should play the way you feel it
But listen carefully to the sound of your loneliness

We’re jumping right in here with the best lyrics; the very first verse of the song. While writing the album “Rumours” (in which “Dreams” was featured), each member of the band was going through some incredible hardship.

According to Rolling Stone: “Stevie Nicks had just split with her longtime lover and musical partner, Lindsey Buckingham, while Christine was in the midst of divorcing her husband, bassist John McVie. Meanwhile, Mick Fleetwood’s extra-band marriage was on the rocks, leading to an affair with Nicks before the year was out. This inner turmoil surfaced in brutally honest lyrics, transforming the album into a tantalizing he-said-she-said romantic confessional.”

You can feel all of the calamity and misery surrounding the band come through in the song, and this first verse really paints that picture. Not a surprise that our guy 420doggface208 made his viral TikTok using the best part of the song.

Worst Lyric

Women they will come and they will go
When the rain washes you clean, you’ll know

Bo-riiiiing. Fleetwood Mac is widely appreciated as one of the greatest bands of the 70’s. Their list of hits is quite long: “Go Your Own Way,” “Rhiannon,” “Landslide,” etc. All of these songs have incredible lyrics. I think we as Fleetwood Mac fans came to expect consistently top notch lyrics. Which, of course, is both unreasonable and unfair. However, when Stevie blurted out the two above lines, I was quite disappointed at the blandness.


This song was surprisingly the only hit for Fleetwood Mac to reach number one on the US Billboard charts. I think it’s a really solid mix of lyrics, message, and performance. Stevie Nicks’ voice alone probably gives any Fleetwood Mac song a one to two point boost, I think it’s just one of the greatest we’ve ever been privileged to hear. With all of this considered:

Rating: 8 Carson Daly’s

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