The Only National Championship Preview You Need

Photo: Playoff Premium

Bulldogs…Horned Frogs…collision course.

Tonight’s the night, college football fans. We finally made it to the National Title between Georgia and TCU.

You can do all of the research you want; look up both team’s DVOA, OF+, BYOB, anything you want. You could drown yourself in numbers until you punch yourself in the eye and get a TCU colored purple eye and bleed Georgia red.

Or, you could just read our breakdown below.

Georgia Bulldogs

Look at him, just look at that face. Try and be sad looking at those jowls.

For those of you who live under a rock, this is Georgia’s mascot UGA.

UGA has been with the team since 1956, and there is no logical reason to explain how Georgia hasn’t won every single National Championship since then.

UGA is also a very good boy.

TCU Horned Frogs

This thing is a…horned frog.

We love weird here, and this creature to the right surely falls under that tree.

It’s hard not to imagine this thing being born like that scene in Game of Thrones when the Red Witch gave birth to a spirit or whatever.

Really hard to put these two up against one another.

On one hand, you have an adorable puppers who has never done anything wrong. On the other, you’ve got an atypical amphibian who has hypnotic powers. Truly impossible to choose.

Taking all of that into consideration, and allowing our research and analytics department run through the data provided; we’ve been told that it appears Georgia is going to win the National Championship.

Sunday State of Mind: November 28th-December 4th

Photo: Wallpaper Access

Folks, we did it again. Another week in the books and more sports than we could handle. Our latest SSM is here to review it all.

College football playoff, final four is set
Ohio State and Georgia, could we see an upset?
Other side of the bracket, Michigan vs. TCU
Sad we only have three more college games to go through

Potential Super Bowl preview, a game all wanted
Dolphins and 49ers, two teams deep bonded
It wasn’t meant to be, you see, game just fell quite short
Both QBs ended up the injury report

Jacob deGrom, your newest Texas Ranger
AL West hitters are about to be in danger
Big hit for the Mets, another big arm gone
Had so many off years, Mets fans want to stay on

Jose Alvarado! We don’t know him either
Thirty eight on Sunday, didn’t take a breather
Undrafted to bucket getter, a great sports story
Pelicans are basking in some rarely found glory

Sunday State of Mind: October 3rd-October 9th

There’s a fall chill in the air, which means playoff baseball and midseason football. All of that and more in this week’s SSM.

A big win out in London, New York beat Green Bay
The New York Football Giants, feeling some type of way
Starting the season 4-1, football’s biggest surprise
Lamar Jackson comes in next week, they may just get baptized

Speaking of baptisms, Jets dunked on the ‘Fins
Miami started 3-1, left with the same amount of wins
Jets have won two straight, sit a game behind the Bills
New York’s cold dead football hearts may be getting filled

Even without their quarterback, ‘bama is the best
Beat Texas A&M, could probably beat the rest
Of the country’s teams, Saban is just that good
The best to ever do it, that is understood

A team worthy of mention, your Kansas Jayhawks
Dream start to the season, some undefeated talks
Hung tough with TCU, but just fell short by seven
Even with a loss, Kansas football fans in heaven

As mentioned in our opening, playoff baseball is here
MLB Wild Card weekend, get your hot dogs and beer
Three game sets were over quick, Cleveland Seattle Philly
Having so much sports at once is absolutely silly