Sunday State of Mind: June 14th-June 20th

Happy Father’s Day! Read this week’s SSM to Dad since he was probably napping in his recliner during all the action.

Madden 22 has released their latest cover
Two goats, one game, great for football lovers
Brady and Mahomes are your newest cover boys
On the video game that has given all of us years of joy

Spider Tack introduced itself into the public eye
MLB cares all the sudden, truly wonder why
No chance that it could be because batting’s now a joke
Anything they can do to fix a sport that’s nearly broke

Suns and the Clippers, finals in the West
Phoenix and LA going to see who is the best
Bucks advanced in the East to face the 76ers or Hawks
Philly or Atlanta in game seven, loser has to walk

Sunday State of Mind: July 13th-July 19th

Good evening, friends. Please enjoy this week’s SSM as we drift off into the end of our weekend…

The Washington Football Team
Decided to change their name
Then got hit with the WaPo story
The entire franchise is a shame

The week is finally here
Baseball is officially back
A little slice of normalcy
Slowly getting our lives back on track

The NBA bubble is up and running
Players are fishing and beer chugging
There’s also a snitch line, which is so funny
Slowly getting sports back, absolutely money

Player ratings are out
For Madden 21
Going to put my preorder in now
I gotta run