Sunday State of Mind: September 7th-September 13th

Photo: Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Football. Is. Back. Enjoy this week’s SSM dedicated solely to the NFL’s return.

Texans and Chiefs, Thursday night
Football is back, no need to fright
Patrick Mahomes picked up right where he left off
So happy to see the NFL kickoff

Bears and Lions, Matt and Mitch
Football’s back, our scratch is itched
Three fourth quarter Trubisky touchdowns
Bears fans quickly changed to smiles from frowns

Seahawks and Falcons, offensive show
Both teams came out and let us know
Both teams are fine wines, and popped their corks
Russell Wilson won it, and is still a dork

Jets and Bills, breaking news
Jets fans better start chugging their booze
Brand new season, but same results
Unfortunate roster, full of football dolts

Packers and Vikings, guess who’s back
Aaron Rodgers came on in a full blown attack
Dalvin Cook, first game after signing a new deal
Low scrimmage yards but two scores, guy’s the real deal

Dolphins and Patriots, no more TB12
But Cam Newton’s talents, did New England delve 
Fins didn’t look great, have to knock off some grime
Sooner rather than later, it will be Tua time

Eagles and Washington, the football team
Philly started out hot, it seemed like a dream
But Washington came back and got the win
Eagles not made of metal, seem more like tin

Raiders and Panthers, down in Charlotte
High scoring game, offenses moving a bit
Raiders got a tough win on the road
Three tuddys for Josh Jacobs, guy was ready to explode

Colts and Jags, AFC South
Jacksonville came out and hit the Colts in the mouth
Only one incompletion for Gardner Minshew
Tough L for Phil Rivers, his first game in Colts blue

Browns and Ravens, the MVP Lamar
Looks like he’ll take Baltimore, again pretty far
Baltimore said let’s go out and wreck ‘em
The end of a shitty week for Odell Beckham

Chargers and Bengals, Joe Burrow time
First over all pick, he looked just fine
Chargers won though, lead by Tyrod Taylor
Plenty of future Burrow wins, guy’s not a failure

Cardinals and 49ers, battle in the Bay
DeAndre Hopkins came to play
Fourteen catches, 150+ yards
Great week one road win for the Arizona Cards

Buccaneers and Saints, Brady and Brees
Two future Hall of Famers, yes please
The Saints won at home this time around
Tom and Drew, round two, week eight, how’s that sound?

Cowboys and Rams on Sunday night 
The end of a great Sunday, it just felt right
New stadium for LA and they started with a win
No more Sundays without football, it felt like a sin

Steelers and Giants, Titans and Broncos
Two games on Monday night, anything goes
These games haven’t happened yet, so here’s a preview
There’s nothing better, than a NFL season anew

Hot Take: Patrick Mahomes is Good at Football

In today’s “embrace debate” culture we live in, there’s hardly anything we can all universally agree on. One of those few things is this: Patrick Mahomes is good at football. Can we agree?

In his first two seasons in the NFL, he’s racked up an regular season MVP and and a Super Bowl win (while also being the Super Bowl MVP). He parlayed that into a nice little contract for half a billion dollars. Not too bad for a 24 year old.

Let’s look at the numbers from Mahomes two full seasons at Texas Tech (per Sports Reference):

Now, let’s check out his first two years as the starting QB for the Chiefs (per Sports Reference):

So, we’re looking at 163 touchdowns, 47 interceptions, and over 20,664 yards in the previous FOUR seasons. For all of you math majors out there, this is what we’re looking at average-wise for Patty Mahomes:

TD: 41
INT: 12
YDs: 5,166

Final chart here, let’s get an idea of the average season for an NFL quarterback the past 10 years (per Pro Football Reference):

You’re reading that right, Patrick Mahomes’ average season the past four season is 15 touchdowns, 1 INT, and 1265 yards better than the highest (by average) NFL season in the past 10 years. Simply mind blowing.

Therefore, with all of the aformentioned research and analytics; we are here to say…Patrick Mahomes is good at football.

A Tuesday News Dump on Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. had a terrible, and if true, incredibly personal story leaked about him today.

I am disgusted. So disgusted, I can’t even muster up a response.

This story stinks. For someone to push something out there so vile is something I do not want to see. Some people have this man ranked as high as the number two wide receiver in the NFL, and he gets this treatment? It’s totally asinine.

One of the best Browns has had a log dropped on him out of nowhere, and if I were him, I would be quite grumpy. With the season kicking off this weekend, I’m sure OBJ is just trying to pinch off any distractions; and here comes these wild allegations, putting a total skid to any focus he had going on a tough Ravens defense that he’ll be feeling pressure from this weekend. All of this shit-stirring blew up simply because someone got diarrhea of the mouth on a podcast.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Odell. You do not deserve this shitty treatment, my friend. I hope you throw a deuce to all of this off field crap, grab a seat, take a deep breath and squeeze this season for all it’s worth. If OBJ can do that, I have no doubt that we will all be witnesses to this man taking the Browns to the Super Bowl.

The Alphabet of Best Players in NFL History

There’s two things I love: sports and lists. Why not combine two of my loves to create the the irrefutable, unequivical, perfect list of best players in NFL history by letter. Now that college football is essentially ruined and this list is posted, there will be no further questions at this time. Let’s get to it.

A – Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman was the quarterback when the Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowls in ’93, ’94, and ’96. He was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a member of the class of 2006.

Photo: Jelly Share

B – Tom Brady

My personal vote for the GOAT at the quarterback position. Brady has done incredible things in his 20 years (thus far) in the NFL. Tommy Terrific brings his six Super Bowl rings to Tampa Bay next season.

Photo: People

C – Earl Campbell

As the cross-barred helmet in the picture to the left might intimate, Earl Campbell was a bit before my time. However, I’ve seen enough to know this dude was a monster. Check out this YouTube highlight reel if you don’t believe me.

Photo: Complex

D – Eric Dickerson

Another member of our list that was before my time. But Dickerson is a bonafide Hall of Famer. Also, the rec specs, neck roll, and oversized shoulder pads basically solidify ED’s place on our list.

Photo: Sports Illustrated

E – John Elway

John Elway was such a great athlete he had his pick between baseball and football after college. He made the right choice. Elway finished his career in fairy tale fashion with two straight Super Bowl victories in ’98 and ’99.

Photo: Sporting News

F – Brett Favre

Biased opinion alert – Brett Favre is my favorite player of all time. The joy and freedom he played the game with was incredible to watch. Add a Super Bowl victory in ’97, and you’ve made the list. Congrats, Brett.

Photo: Pens & Patron

G – Joe Greene

“Mean” Joe Greene; one of the simplest and best nicknames in NFL History. The number one overall pick in ’69, Mean Joe played 13 seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers, won four Super Bowls, and was a 10-time Pro Bowler on top of five first team all-pro selections.

Photo: Sports Illustrated

H – George Halas

Papa Bear! This one is admittedly kind of cheating. George Halas was of course better known for founding, owning, and coaching my beloved Chicago Bears rather than playing. Little known fact – Halas was also a professional baseball player for The Yankees.

Photo: YouTube

I – Michael Irvin

Not a lot of options in the “I” category, but still a fine choice here. Irvin won three Super Bowls with the aforementioned Troy Aikman in Dallas, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame, with an incredibly long (but great!) teary-eyed speech in 2007.

Photo: CBS Sports

J – Walter Jones

In a world that criminally under appreciates offensive linemen, Walter Jones may be the most overlooked of them all. Jones was an absolute brick wall for the Seattle Seahawks from 1997-2009. He started all 180 games of his career, was called for holding only 9 times, and allowed only 23 sacks out of 5,703 career snaps.

Photo: ESPN

K – Jim Kelly

If it weren’t for Jim Kelly, the Buffalo Bills may have never seen any legitimate success as a franchise. After playing for a season in the USFL, Kelly joined the Bills in 1986. Despite going 0-4 in the big game, he brought Buffalo to four straight Super Bowls (a feat no one else has accomplished) from 1990-1993.

Photo: York Dispatch

L – Vince Lombardi

I’m cheating again here. While Vince Lombardi was one of the greatest coaches to ever do it, he did technically play for the Wilmington Clippers and Brooklyn Eagles of the American Association in 1937-1938. The NFL named the Super Bowl trophy after the guy, he has to make the list.

Photo: Packerville, USA

M – John Madden

Look at that stud! John Madden was a practice squad player for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1958. Obviously, Madden contributed to the game more as a Super Bowl winning head coach of the Raiders, and became a cultural icon for his video game series.

Photo: Sports Illustrated

N – Bronko Nagurski

Aside from having a great name, Bronko Nagurski was one of the greatest Chicago Bears in the 30’s and 40’s. A three-time champion, he was also a four-time first-team all-pro and a member of the NFL 75th Anniversary All-Time Team.

Photo: Encyclopedia Britannica

O – Jonathan Ogden

Jonathan Ogden, a very Walter Jones-esque career (see above). Ogden was the first ever draft selection of the Baltimore Ravens in 1996. Ogden played his entire career for the Ravens, racking up 11 Pro Bowl appearances, and won a Super Bowl in 2001.

Photo: Bleacher Report

P – Walter Payton

Walter Payton is the best running back in Chicago Bears history. He was a member of the 1985 Super Bowl winning team, rushed for an (at the time) NFL record 275 yards in a game, and was a nine-time Pro Bowl selection.

Photo: Bleacher Report

Q – Robert Quinn

I have to be honest here; this was pretty slim pickings. Robert Quinn has played for the Rams, Dolphins, Cowboys, and signed with the Bears this offseason. He has recorded 290 tackles and made two Pro Bowls in his seven seasons.

Photo: USA Today

R – Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice is thought of by many smart people as the overall best football player of all time, the true GOAT. His numbers are simply outrageous: 1,549 receptions, 22,895 yards, and 197 receiving touchdowns.

Photo: American Football International

S – Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders might be the best running back ever (see: all of his stats ever) with the worst luck (see: drafted by the Lions). Widely considered one of the nicest men to ever play the game, Sanders retired in 1998 after only 10 years of breaking everyone’s ankles.

Photo: Sports Illustrated

T – Lawrence Taylor

LT might have been the scariest player to ever lace them up in the NFL. This dude was an absolute freak; he recorded 132.5 sacks, was an eight-time first team all-pro, and won two Super Bowls in his 13 seasons with the Giants.

Photo: SB Nation

U – Brian Urlacher

Brian Urlacher is a card carrying member of the long history of all-time Chicago Bear linebackers; following in the footsteps of Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, etc. He was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2005, and lead a defense that dragged Rex Grossman and the Bears to the Super Bowl in 2006.

Photo: Chicago Tribune

V – Adam Vinatieri

The ageless wonder. Vinatieri is incredibly 47 years old, and has spent more than half of his life (24 seasons) kicking for the Patriots and Colts. He was instrumental in three Super Bowl victories for New England, and one for Indianapolis.

Photo: Seattle Times

W – Reggie White

Reggie White, AKA “The Minister of Defense,” known for his outgoing religious beliefs, was also a mauler defensive tackle. White recorded over 1,000 tackles, is a member of both the 75th and 100th NFL Anniversary All-Time Teams, and has his number retired by both the Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers. Reggie was a Pro Bowler in 13 of his 15 seasons, and won Super Bowl XXXI with Green Bay.

Photo: Lombardi Ave

X – Oshane Ximines

Oshane Ximines is the only player in NFL history with a last name that starts with “X.” He played one season for the Giants in 2019, recording 4.5 sacks and 25 tackles. He is by default the greatest player of all-time in the “X” category.

Photo: Giants Wire

Y – Steve Young

Steve Young is the best left handed quarterback that the NFL has ever seen. He won three Super Bowls, and was the MVP of the ’95 win over the Chargers. He wasn’t just a thrower either, and was a threat with his legs. Young rushed for 4,239 yards and 43 touchdowns in his career.

Photo: San Francisco Chronicle

Z – Gary Zimmerman

Fun fact: Gary Zimmerman is the only player in the Hall of Fame with a last name starting with “Z.” Zimmerman started all 184 games he played in his 12-year career, was a seven-time Pro Bowler, and won Super Bowl XXXII with the Broncos in 1998.

Photo: Bronco Talk

The NFL has been an American institution since its inaugural season in 1920. With tens of thousands of players coming in and out of the league since then, these 26 players have worked to become the best of the best. The greatest thing about this list is that it can change at any point. Hopefully we continue to see incredible talent come through the NFL for years to come.

Sunday State of Mind: July 27th-August 2nd

Photo: Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

Happy Sunday, dear readers…gently glide into your Sunday evening with this week’s SSM.

Bad news first, in the MLB
COVID is spreading, Miami and St. Louie
The Marlins and Cardinals, positive tests aplenty
Cardinals with six, Marlins with upwards of twenty

The list of NFL opt outs continues to grow
The pandemic drags on, and players won’t show
The Lions previewed, what may be the future of locker rooms
Hopefully this and other precautions work, as football season looms

Some non-pandemic news, from the NFL
Patrick Mahomes roots in KC further fell
The Super Bowl MVP, now part owner of the Royals
Ten year football contract and baseball team ownership, can’t say the man’s not loyal

The NBA is back, and in full swing
Full schedule and no positive testing, a beautiful thing
It seems in the bubble, things are going pretty well
The Association is thriving, while baseball is going to hell

Sunday State of Mind: July 20th-July 26th

Hello friends…please enjoy this week’s SSM on this beautiful, warm Sunday.

We finally made it, baseball is here
Opening week, a reason to cheer
It’s a whole different ballgame, pardon the pun
No fans in the stands, but watching is still fun

We keep adding sports, here comes the NBA
No more scrimmages, real games start Thursday
Jazz vs. Pels and Clippers vs. Lakers
I’m riding with LeBron and AD, any bet takers?

Big Ten football, hit hard with COVID19 this week
Michigan State and Rutgers quarantining, no leaks
The Spartans and Scarlet Knights, have to get it fixed
If team-wide quarantines keep happening, season’s going to get nixed

The offensive line of the Kansas City Chiefs
Lost their starting right guard, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
Not only a football player, he’s also a doctor
He’s decided to treat patients, over being a pass & run blocker

Sunday State of Mind: July 13th-July 19th

Good evening, friends. Please enjoy this week’s SSM as we drift off into the end of our weekend…

The Washington Football Team
Decided to change their name
Then got hit with the WaPo story
The entire franchise is a shame

The week is finally here
Baseball is officially back
A little slice of normalcy
Slowly getting our lives back on track

The NBA bubble is up and running
Players are fishing and beer chugging
There’s also a snitch line, which is so funny
Slowly getting sports back, absolutely money

Player ratings are out
For Madden 21
Going to put my preorder in now
I gotta run

Sunday State of Mind: July 6th-July 12th

Good evening everyone, namaste. Please enjoy this week’s SSM…

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs quarterback
Finally cashed in, bank account stacked
A contract extension worth half a billion bucks
Twenty-four years old with $500 Million, in a row are his ducks

MLB COVID testing issues, not a good look
Situation unprecedented, they can’t go by the book
Some teams are getting quick test results, some are not
Things keep going this way, the season will be shot

The Ryder and President’s Cup have both been delayed
Whistling Straights and Quail Hollow won’t be displayed
Quite a shame that we’re losing out
On two of golf’s best events, without any doubt

NBA teams have begun bubble migration
The meal plan for players, not exactly a vacation
Games are set to resume at the end of July
We’re so close to real basketball, the season is nigh

Sunday State of Mind (SSM): June 29th-July 5th

We hope everyone had a wonderful, safe, socially-distanced holiday weekend. With all of the loud fireworks, long days at the pool and on the boat, and late nights around the bonfire, it’s time to take the foot off of the gas, slow it down, and find your center with this week’s SSM…

The NBA is getting close, to a return to play
Positive tests for players and staff, causing some dismay
Adam Silver, the commish, says it’s no guarantee
That if the virus continues to spread, the season will finish completely

More COVID news effecting sports, this time the NFL
Teams are allowing fans to change their season tickets, opt out or sell
Bears, Bills, Jets, Texans, Giants and Patriots have so far allowed this plan
Who wants to see any of these teams live anyways, not even die hard fans

Speaking of the NFL, Tom Brady at it again
Flirting on Instagram, with his boy Julian Edelman
Cam Newton is now in town, the new king of Foxborough
With Belichick and Cam, Pats might go 16-0

Deron Williams is finally off the books, for The Brooklyn Nets
Bobby Bonilla continues to fleece The New York Mets
A big week for hilarious contracts, we have to say
Good for Deron Williams, and Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

Russell Wilson is a Dork

Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and has been since he came into the league as a third-round pick of the Seahawks in 2012. In his first eight seasons in the NFL, he’s completed 65% of his passes, thrown for nearly 30,000 yards, and has 227 touchdowns to only 68 interceptions. Pretty impressive by the numbers; the guy seems to have “it.”

But what the hell is “it?” Russy’s got me thrown on a definition here. He’s the best example of a guy having, and simultaneously not having “it.”

He’s married to Ciara, a total smoke show (“Goodies” still bangs by the way), but will show up to the Pro Bowl like a midwestern dad who just took his first flight of his life from Omaha to Orlando:

Look at this man!
Photo: @c_tumbarello on Twitter

He’s the CatDog of NFL quarterbacks; two completely oxymoronic beings in one mind-boggling package.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to not post some additional proof of my research:

Does he get nerdier or less nerdier with the amount of hair on his head at a given time? I can’t decide, and it’s something that’s been weighing on my mind for years. I can’t tell if that picture on the right is a shot from a community college marketing brochure or the Steve Buscemi meme come to life:

Either way, the dude’s a baller and I am jealous of his entire life. The fact that he can rock dad jeans with a Hawaiian shirt one minute, then turn around and post a mega flex video (that was also cringe worthy since, it’s still Russell Wilson) on Instagram in bed with Ciara after signing a $140M contract the next minute should have been enough for me to never even consider writing this blog.